Winter Board Meeting Recap

By Sara Malone in Members, Event Recap, and Editor's Blog

We had a great meeting in Tampa yesterday, attended by the full board and your two editors (CQ and website). Some highlights:

  • The ConiferQuarterly will now come in a new, larger format with more photographs. Members have been requesting more photographs for a long time and we’re pleased to be able to deliver our signature publication in this format.
  • We’re considering on-line plant auctions. Only about 20% of our members attend our meetings, and access to unusual, hard to find conifers is a benefit that we’d like to extend to all members. Members, any thoughts about what you’d like to see or want to help? Call or email Larry Nau (585-202-1815).
  • We’re mailing the new, updated Membership Directory – look for it any day in your mailbox. This is the result of last winter’s board meeting, where all board members reported that their members wanted an updated Directory. Thanks to our sponsors – all ACS Institutional members – who took out ads and offset almost the entire cost of the Directory!
  • We had a record year financially in 2015, but that was largely due to the success of the 2016 National Meeting Post-tour, which will not likely be repeated. Consequently, the Board designated a revenue committee to look at ways to ensure our financial strength.
  • Look for a member questionnaire in the Spring CQ - we want to hear from you! Why did you join the ACS initially? Are we fulfilling your expectations? If not, let us know how we can provide value and if you’d like to help.
Remember, all members are welcome to attend Board meetings, which are held twice a year, once in February and once the day before the National Meeting. The February meeting is held in Florida to minimize the likelihood of weather interruptions.

If you can’t attend, but have thoughts you’d like to share, please call or email your regional officers. Remember, this is your Society and we want to hear from you!