Volunteers Needed for 2015 SE Regional Meeting in Chattanooga

By Sandra Horn

There's more to a successful conference than meets the eye, and we need to start now to have everything ready by September. We need your help to make it the best conference, ever. Below is a list of jobs that need to be done. Volunteer now! You can be head of a committee or just be a helper, but we need everyone to pitch in.

Supplies are also needed. A list is provided at the bottom of this article.

Please contact Jeff Harvey at [email protected] if you can help. Jeff will also provide charitable contribution forms for those who donate supplies.


Job Description: Send info out and write articles about the convention. Put an article in the Conifer Quarterly. There should be a mark the date, pre/post nursery list, and articles about the gardens/plant donations. Quarterly Deadlines: May 15, Aug. 15, Nov 15. Need a lead person for this job and one helper.

Plant Acquisition

Job Description: Get plant donation commitments for auction and can raffle. Ask contributors to provide names and descriptions in advance so that tags can be written ahead of time. Provide a list of plants that will be in the auction to be passed out in advance. This position requires a lead person to coordinate the donations and volunteers from each state in the Southeastern Region, who will contact nurseries and contributors in their area.

Plant Check In

Job Description: Needs to be familiar with Latin genus-species spellings, Check write up sheets, check in plants and place on tables. Sort live and silent auction plants. Help with silent auction winners. Supplies: Need paper towels, pens and reference books. Lead Person: Bruce Appeldoorn. Volunteers: Several needed.

Can Raffle Sale

Job Description: Set up plants and cans. Friday during social hour sell tickets. A Lead Person and a couple of volunteers are needed.

Auction - This is a big one, but fortunately, it's lots of fun!

Job Description: Make sure pens, auctions tags, can raffle supplies are available.

Lead Person: Paul Schneider. Auctioneers: need 2-3 to rotate, keep it moving and short.

Runner Volunteers/Live Auction Spotters (need 3-4): At the end of the silent auction take copy of silent auction paper to secretary and deliver plant to winner. At live auction show off plant and write winner number on tag and take plant to winner and then take bid sheet to accounting table.

Auction Accounting Table

Job Description: Sat. night -make a list of all the plants that bidders won and total amounts on sheets from silent auction. Help treasurer as needed to accept payments.

Lead Person: Jeff and Jennifer Harvey Need a couple of volunteers for this job.

Registration Table/Info bag

Job Description: Acquire a bag with maps/attractions, paper/pen, snack/candy, and other cool stuff. Have materials assembled by Friday at 3PM. Set-up table and pass out registration package. A Lead Person is needed along with one more volunteer (Jim Hanger has already offered to help).

Table Decorations

Job Description: Acquire decorations for dinner tables and set-up. Maybe something that could be used as auction items. We need a Lead Person and a couple of volunteers.

Bus Captains

Job Description: Arrive to bus early, put up bus sign, pass out info, and communicate times to attendees. Pass out water etc. take care of tip envelope. Keep everyone on time. Need a Lead Person and several volunteers, as well as these supplies:

  • Wet wipes/first aid
  • Garden info sheets
  • Water
  • Trash bags
  • Sign for bus names
  • Tip envelope
  • Bus games/prizes

Job Description: Make up your own job description! Anything that will make the conference a better experience for attendees would fit in this category. Know any good restaurants? Recommendations for local eateries, attractions, places of interest, and shopping would be most appreciated by travelers not familiar with Chattanooga, and perhaps you know of other ways to make the conference better for everyone. This position needs a Lead Person and several volunteers.

Garden Tours

Job Description: Secure gardens and map out directions for buses. Contact gardens about refreshments/water. Write garden info sheet.

Lead Person: Jeff & Jennifer Harvey


Job Description: Solicit ideas for speakers and make contact and schedule them. Help with travel arrangements. Introduces speaker at meeting.

Lead Person: Jeff Harvey

Tailgate Sale

Job Description: Communicate where and when!

Lead Person: Jeff Harvey