Thank You, Sean Callahan!

By Sara Malone

An enormous thank you to NE member Sean Callahan, who virtually single-handedly overhauled the ACS website and gave the Society a platform as good as any in cyberspace. Sean took on this job with the primary intent of creating a web presence with engaging editorial content that would attract a new audience and increase our membership growth. In just a few months, that has happened and we applaud his success.

Sean has given the ACS a top flight website, unparalleled for a non-profit of our size and certainly for those in the amateur horticultural field. The site is a very substantial platform for generating interest and enthusiasm among the general public about the world of conifers.

With his goal reached, Sean has stepped down from this role and will now get a well-deserved change of pace. He can head back into his garden, which he admits has been terribly neglected the past year!

Thank you, Sean!

ACS Board of Directors