SER President's Notes October 2012

by Sue Hamilton, Southeast Region President.

Autumn greetings! I don't know about you but after the summer we've had I am excited that fall is finally here with cooler temperatures and hopefully more rainfall. We had a great meeting in Asheville in August and a very special THANK YOU to our Newsletter Editor, Maud Henne, for the superb Special Edition she pro-duced highlighting the events, gardens as well as the many people and volunteers who made the meeting a great success! We can now turn our attention to planning rendezvous and next year's meeting in Memphis, TN.

Congratulations are in order to our vice-president, Tom Neff, for being elected as our SE Regional Director. Tom will serve in both roles for our region and represent us on the national ACS board. As your regional director, Tom hopes to 1) identify opportunities for the ACS to provide more tangible benefits back to members, 2) grow membership allowing us to do more towards our mission, 3) raise the profile of the ACS so as to better promote knowledge and interest in coni-fers, and 4) provide more content to our website to help it become a more useful tool for members. Tom, along with my-self and Barbie Colvin, our new ACS National Reference Garden Coordinator, will attend the ACS National Winter Board Meeting in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, February 2nd. Please let us know of any concerns or items you want us to communicate to the national board.

A special thanks to Flo Chaffin for creating and managing our Southeastern Confers website. Our new webmaster is Ben Ford, a graduate student in public horticulture at the University of Tennessee. Ben will be working with Flo on transitioning man-agement of the website. You will con-tinue to find archived newsletters, a map showing all 12 of our reference gardens and their locations, and updates on news and events. If there is anything you want to post on our regional and national website send your information to Ben Ford at [email protected] Check out the current website.

Please consider volunteering on one of the following committees:

Regional Meeting Planning Committee

Reference Garden Committee Newsletter

Committee Website Committee

It's a great way to get better acquainted with other ACS members and help with our region's activities. If you have interest in getting involved with any of the following committees please e-mail me

But please, do not forget that now it is the ideal season to be planting conifers and spring flowering bulbs in your landscape to enjoy next year and years to come. Happy Gardening.