Robin Mann Elected Interim ACS Treasurer

By Sandra Horn
Robin Mann, ACS Treasurer
Robin Mann, ACS Treasurer

I joined the ACS in 2014 after moving to a house near Dayton, Ohio, with lots of sun and falling in love with dwarf conifers. While my enthusiasm for conifers sometimes outstrips my skills in growing them, I love the vast array of colors, shapes, textures, personalities, and year-round interest they add to the garden. I am a Master Gardener Volunteer with the Ohio State University Extension in Montgomery County and am especially interested in the incorporation of native plants in suburban yards to support natural ecosystems.

I am a retired Certified Public Accountant who worked in public accounting (Ernst & Young) and Corporate Tax (Iams, Procter & Gamble). Now I volunteer as Treasurer for several nonprofits in the health/human services industry, international relief, church, and my master gardener association. My term as Treasurer for ACS Central Region began in 2021, and I am honored to also serve as Interim Treasurer for the ACS. I am fortunate to be able to use my education and work experience to help organizations about which I am passionate and which are doing amazing work.


Dawn Ruggles

Welcome and thanks for stepping up.

Tom Cox
Past National President