Preliminary Auction List for NER Meeting

By Sara Malone in Event info

Here's the preliminary list, which we will update as we near the meeting. There is also a very special plant, Thuja plicata 'Haley Bop', donated by Iseli Nursery. Read about it in the ConiferBase. It's almost impossible to find in the trade and it is major-league adorable!

Prelimary Auction List for DC Meeting


Jerry Kral

Two rare Metasequoia g. will be available at auction.

M. glyptostroboides 'Snow Flurry' A nice description is in our ACS Conifer Data base.
M. glyptostroboides ' Bizzarger'
Bill Barger found this in some under stock ten years ago.. He set it aside as it looked unusual. The original plant is now about six feet tall and has two completely different types of foliage. The open curled foliage Bill named 'Bizzarger'. The fuller foliage Bill named 'Bizzarger too'. Going by the curled foliage on our auction specimen I believe we are offering 'Bizzarger'.