Plant Auction Details - 2015 NER Regional Meeting in Pennsylvania

By Jerry Kral in Update and Regional Meeting

Thanks to the efforts of Frank Goodhart and Ed Shinn we are pleased pleased to offer a wonderful selection of plants for auction at our August meeting (Main Line- Philadelphia; Aug. 14-16). This is not a complete list and many more choice plants will be available. Selected Plant Auction List.

The offerings include many rare and unusual conifers and other woodies. Most of these plants will be well established 1 gallon specimens. Some plants will be 3 gallons. or larger. (Note: the list may not be exact as to cultivar spelling. We will continue to work on this and make every attempt to get ACS/RHS approved cultivar names listed on the auction sheets, as well as the source.)

The intent of providing this list is to give both registered attendees and those thinking about attending the opportunity to do some research on the plants prior to the auction. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to bid on some of these plants. You can now register for the Philadelphia Meeting on the ACS Website.

Although not a conifer, it is rumored that at least two of the extremely rare and beautiful Chinese mayapple ( Dysosma aka Podophyllum delavayi ‘Spotty Dotty’) will be also be available at auction.

Photos of selected auction offerings (click on the photos to enlarge and for cultivar information):