New Jersey Grafting Seminar 2017

By Larry Nau in News and Meeting Recap

On Saturday February 4 American Conifer Society members from the Northeastern Region gathered at John Vermuelen & Son Nursery in Branchburg, New Jersey. ACS members traveled from Vermont, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to participate in a grafting class taught by Nancy Vermuelen. Nancy graciously donates her time each February to share her techniques and experiences in grafting conifers, maples and even a few ginkgo. This annual event is also a time to renew friendships and share current information on conifer propagation.

2017 topics included:

  • How to sharpen a grafting knife
  • protecting your "receiving thumb'
  • importance of the root mass of the root stock
  • mycorrhiza fungus and it's role in conifer root development
  • To scrape, cut or pull scion needles near the graft?
This year we grafted Picea orientalis 'Gracilis' , several cultivars of Japanese maples and a gingko. If you would like to join our class next year look for the announcement in the NE Conifer Contemplations or here on the Northeast portion of the ACS website. Thank you Nancy, for hosting and teaching another educational grafting class!

Do not forget the 2017 ACS National Meeting & Conifer College hosted by the NE Region in Syracuse, New York.

Here are a couple of videos of Nancy in action:

Addition pictures of the 2017 Grafting Class in the NE Region: