NER Regional Meeting Teaser...

By Sara Malone in Mulch, Conifer Experiences, and Event info

One of the stops on the Northeast Regional Meeting itinerary this year is Susanna Farms Nursery in Boyds, Maryland. Susanna Farms is a longstanding supplier of choice dwarf conifers. One of their part-time employees, Nelson Haje, has been buying plants there for decades, and thoughtfully provided some photos of his purchases over the years, now ensconced in permanent homes in his garden. Keep these photos in mind when you browse the selections in their pots at the nursery; they will give you a good idea of the potential lurking inside the smaller specimens! Thanks, Nelson, for this lovely photo gallery.


Nelson Haje

Hi Jerry. I've had my Snow Flurry for four years. Hard plant to get. When I purchased mine from Susanna Farm Nursery four years ago, Brant only had a couple. I got one and I think Brant kept the other one. He hasn't been able to get any since. The tree is a nice cultivar. For a Metasequoia it grows very slow, about 4" a year, and it likes wet soil. The amazing thing about it is the white needles do not burn in full sun. I say this because I've had mine in full sun since I planed it. In fact the white seems too intensify the more sun it gets! Oh, I just spoke to Brant and told him of your request. He found four and said he will donate one for the auction. It can be picked up when you all visit Susanna Farm Nursery on Saturday. Should I give it to you or Sara Malone? I'm happy that Susanna Farm Nursery will be able to fulfill your request. Sincerely, Nelson Haje (Sara got my name right the first part of the article but than ended up with Nathan! lol

Jerry Kral

Hi Nelson. Thanks so much.This sounds like an incredible dawn redwood! The fact that it can take full sun w/o burning is a real plus! I'm sure this plant will go into our live auction. I can pick it up on Saturday when we visit. Again, thanks Nelson and looking forward to meeting you in DC! Jerry

Sara Malone

You're back to Nelson! I don't know where Nathan wandered in from...;-)

Me! Me! Give it to me! It will never get to the auction if you do that, though!

Bradley Uban

Hi everyone, I'm Brad Uban. Nelson is wonderful to work with and has become a good friend. I work at Susanna Farm full time and this spring I did get a Snow Flurry, just to rub it in. Just a little one. I so look forward to everyone coming to visit the farm. It’s been such a wonderful experience working here. Some of the gardens I get to see are amazing and learning about the trees is so much fun. My garden is getting there, I have 1.3 acres to play with. You will love visiting the farm! I can’t wait!