By Sara Malone in Conifer Experiences, News, and Event info

Dave Olszyk, Western Region President, is pleased to announce that the Region is spreading its activities eastward! Working informally with Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator of the Denver Botanic Garden, and Nate Cassell, Dave has organized an inaugural meeting of high-altitude coneheads in Denver on July 9th. The Region already has active groups in the Seattle/Olympia, Portland and San Francisco Bay Area and we are excited to start germinating seed in Colorado!

The Denver Botanic Garden is helping with outreach:

It is difficult to imagine the Rocky Mountain Region without its sweeping dark green conifer forest below snowcapped peaks. From majestic ponderosa pines and silvery Colorado blue spruce to craggy bristlecone, conifers are integral to Rocky Mountain landscapes in both the wild and garden. They offer year-long interest and structure after more showy plants have faded for the season. Conifer interest groups are very active in other parts of the country, and now it’s time for the Rocky Mountain Region to have a group. Join us on July 9th at the Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG) for an inaugural meeting with a lecture and sales of rarely offered conifers, followed by a tour of DBG’s extensive conifer collection. The meeting will begin in the DBG Plant Society House at 2:00. Plants will be sold before and after the meeting. Contact Mike Kintgen at [email protected] for more information.