From the President's Desk Spring 2013

by Larry Nau, ACS National President.

Spring is always an exciting time of year; our gardens come alive once again; conifers become flush with color and the ACS gets ready for another exciting year of activities. The main highlight our year is the National Meeting, this time being hosted by the Northeast Region. Soon members will be receiving the descriptive brochure along with the registration form. Frank Goodhart and Walter Cullerton have done a superb job in planning this years meeting in Mt. Kisco, New York. If you would like to explore the Hudson Valley and its wonderful gardens even more, Melanie Wyler has assembled an outstanding post tour for our members to enjoy. Join your friends from the ACS this August in New York.

This spring also brings about changes in our gardens and in the ACS. Our office manager, John Martin, has advised the Board this will be his final year in the position he has held for thirteen plus years. John has worked with seven different ACS presidents and he, and his wife Susan, have been involved with the ACS for the past 30 years; since its very beginning. Thank you, John and Susan, for your help and dedication to the ACS for all of these years.

The search to find a new office manager has begun, led by Ethan Johnson. Details for the position may be found in this CQ and on the ACS website. Contact Ethan if you might be interested in applying for the ACS office manager position, or if you know of someone whom we might contact.

This spring has also brought renewed energy and efforts towards the ACS website. For the past 12 years, Bill Barger has generously provided the ACS with a consistent and solid foundation on the worldwide web. Bill has not only given of his time, but has provided the website hosting at no cost to the ACS. During this same time, Bill has been the person not only keeping the website functioning and current, but also leading the efforts toward the ACS database of recognized conifers. With its thousands of records and over 5,000 photographs, this has been a monumental and ongoing effort to document the world of conifers. Bill has not only been the ACS webmaster but has served as the ACS Central Region President as well. In addition, for over a decade Bill has provided leadership, his expertise and countless donations of conifers in support of the ACS. A mere thank-you will never be enough to the express our gratitude.

As we look forward, Sean Callahan is leading the ACS in developing our new web presence to the world. Sean brings his experience in developing websites for Time Warner and its various magazines and cable TV divisions since the dawn of the commercial internet. Our goal is to launch the new ACS website at the National Meeting in August. This is a huge undertaking and will be the combined efforts of dozens of ACS members.

Lastly, we must express our gratitude to Dennis Lee for another successful year with our Collector's Conifer of the Year program. The CCOY program is not only a great member benefit, but provides additional income for the ACS. Thank you to our membership for supporting of CCOY program. To those of you who signed up for the program earlier this year, your selections are likely on their way to you as I write this. Enjoy your wonderful new conifers. I hope they refresh your gardens this spring and we look forward to another great year of activities and benefits from your membership in the American Conifer Society.