Eight New Members from Oregon Garden Conifer Days!

By Sara Malone
Conifer Days at the Oregon Garden May 10-11
Conifer Days at the Oregon Garden May 10-11

We had a very successful event last weekend, despite overcast weather on Saturday. Sunday saw record crowds on a beautiful, sunny spring day.

Nothing like the conifer collection at the OG to get bring out the inner conehead in everyone - we signed up eight new ACS members!

Thank our generous partners who donated plants: Western Evergreen, Conifer Kingdom, European Nursery and J Farms. A new ACS member even graciously donated back the free plant (Ginkgo biloba 'Troll') to plant in the OG!

Thank to our volunteers: Doug Wilson (our 'special forces' guy at the OG), Brian Jacob, Ken and Elena Jordan and Anton Klemens, all of the ACS, and Kathy Dorney of The Oregon Garden!