Dianne Fincham (1943 - 2013)

By Sean Callahan

Dianne Fincham, who with her husband of 44 years, Bob Fincham, were founding members of the ACS, passed away on June 18 in Tacoma, WA. A former editor at Timber Press and English teacher in Tamaqua Area High School in Pennsylvania, she took on the editorship of the ACS Bulletin (now Conifer Quarterly) in its early years. When they moved west in 1986 Dianne was instrumental in the creation of what would become Coenosieum Gardens, now located in Eatonville, WA. She took on the business side of the operation including the packing and shipping of the rare conifers that Bob collected, propagated, and sold to discriminating coniferites across North America. In a web posting Bob said:

I lost Dianne to a brain aneurysm on Tuesday, June 18 at 6:50 PM. She was an organ donor and her ashes will be spread over the Puget Sound. She was a force in the conifer world, much of it behind the scenes. I realize that many of you dealt with her through our business and got to know her voice and also that many of you visited at one time or another. She enjoyed working with conifers but even more so loved working with conifer people. I am posting this message to say goodbye for her to her friends who did not get the message of her death through another way.

I will be a one person operation for the immediate future as I decide in what direction I want to go.


(Newspaper Obituary)