Central Region Report

By Ronald Elardo

Central Region Report

By Ron Elardo

Ethan Johnson, CR President[email protected] Bill Barger, CR Director[email protected] Byron Baxter, CR Vice President[email protected] David Speth, CR Treasurer[email protected] Martha Smith, CR Reference Garden Coordinator[email protected] Gary Whittenbaugh, CR Membership Coordinator[email protected] J.D. Belanger, CR Newsletter Editor[email protected] Ron Elardo, CR Web Editor[email protected]

Upcoming Regional Meetings: 2015, July 10-11, Green Bay, WI ($150 registration); hotel – Raddison, 2040 Airport Drive. Gardens: Tom & Vonnie Baye, Tom & Pat Kaster, Gene & Betty Arendt, Green Bay Botanic Garden; in Seymour – Carl & Karen Vander Heuvel, Kitty & Dan Doersch; in Hobart – Rose-Hill Gardens, Leo Bordeleau.

2016 (no regional meeting; Central Region hosts the National Meeting)

2017, Des Moines, IA (tentative); prospective organizer – Pam Maurer. If you have ideas or can help, please contact [email protected]

2018, Grand Rapids, MI (tentative). If you have ideas or can help, please contact Ethan Johnson

2019, St. Louis, MO (tentative). If you have ideas or can help, please contact Ethan Johnson

Past Regional Meetings:

2014, July 25-26, Wadsworth, OH – 64 paid attendees ($150 registration w/ “free” conifer) Organized by Bill Barger who also served as “Master of Ceremonies” and auctioneer. Gardens toured: Jim Weckbacher of Wadsworth, Bill and Suzanne Barger of Wadsworth, Secrest Arboretum, Wooster with tour guides Ken Cochran and Joe Cochran (not related).

Upcoming Local Events, Garden Tours, or Rendezvous:

2015, April 24-25 Plant Sale @ Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum, Cincinnati, OH Saturday is open to the public. A couple of ACS members will be selling conifers.

2015, May 16-17, Indianapolis Free Garden Circle Tour of four or five N-NE side gardens, a Nursery featuring conifers, a ACS member nursery vendor Andy Duvall from Michigan organized by Terri Park. Members and their guests only. Register w/National Office. Book hotel ASAP as this is Indy 500 Qualifications weekend at the Speedway!

2015, June 7th, Iowa Garden Rendezvous (15th), hosted by Dennis & Nancy Hermsen, Farley, IA.

2015, July 3rd, NE Ohio Rendezvous, hosts: Tim Brotzman & Bill Hendricks, same as in 2014.

Past Local Events, Garden Tours, or Rendezvous:

2014, June 8, Greater Des Moines, Iowa Garden Rendezvous – 85 attendees. This event was publicized by Gary Whittenbaugh, and included the following member’s gardens: Desiree & Curt Clausen of Grimes (organizers), Neil & Laurie Barrick of Johnston, Robert & Jackie Pool of Indianola, Gary Gales & Nancy Wells of Altoona, Mark Joos of Urbandale, and the Brenton Arboretum of Dallas Center.

2014, July 11, northeast Ohio – 36 attendees (1 new membership). Organized by Ethan Johnson. Hosted by Brotzman’s Nurseries, Madison (Tim Brotzman), and Klyn Nurseries, Perry (Bill Hendricks).

2014, October 18-19, southeast Michigan – 175 registrants (27 new memberships) Organized by Dennis Groh. Gardens: Harriet & Don Wild of Ann Arbor, Carole & Dennis Groh of Dearborn Heights, Lois & Joseph (Marty) Toth of Dearborn Heights, Cindy & Rick LaFond of Livonia, John Iuppenlatz (You-Pen-Lots) of Bloomfield Hills, and last but not least, Judy and Jim Partridge of Bloomfield Hills. Note: Dennis Groh spent $900 on printing, signage, and food for this event and other hosts also generously provided food.

Presentations and Workshops:

Gary Whittenbaugh has presented the following in 2014 and will present in 2015:

Conifer Gardening, Troughs and Trough Gardening, Rock Gardens and their Plants, Conifer Companions, These are a Few of my Favorite Things, and Gardening – out of your – Comfort Zone (too many dates and places to name here). Rich Eyre has presented in 2014 & will in 2015: Techniques Gardening with Conifers.

Robert L. Fincham will present two lectures at the Iowa Arboretum, Madrid “Spring Fever Symposium” on April 18, 2015 entitled: Dwarf Conifers for Small Gardens, and Conifers that Enhance the Garden.

Reference Gardens:

Bickelhaupt Arboretum, Clinton, IA – received a $1,500 grant in 2014 from the ACS National Office that was matched with another $1,500 from the Central Region treasury for the enhancement of their conifer collection. Dave Horst is the contact person, and he has a rough draft of an article for the Conifer Quarterly. Dave is using the grant to purchase conifers from 9 ACS member nurseries who have in the past generously donated plants to the arboretum.

Powell Gardens, Kingsville, MO – received a $1,500 grant in 2014 from the ACS National Office that was matched with another $1,500 from the Central Region treasury for the enhancement of their conifer collection. Either the Director, Eric Tschanz, or the Director of Horticulture, Alan Branhagen, or both will write an article for the Conifer Quarterly once their project is completed. Marvin Snyder is helping them.

Hidden Lake Gardens, Tipton, MI – has a Conifer Propagation Seminar scheduled for March 7, 2015. Cost: $100 per person / $90 per person for Friends of HLG. Gerry Donaldson is Grounds Foreman, Paul Pfeifer is Managing Director at HLG.

Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum, Cincinnati, OH – Chris Daeger delivered 115 plants from the estate of Clark “Doc” West, M.D. to the 2014 CR meeting in Wadsworth, OH for the plant auctions. Also, 60 plants went to the ACS National Meeting in Atlanta for the auctions. The Rowe Arboretum’s plant sale was April 25-26, 2014 at which more conifers were for sale including ones originally from Doc West. Another 2014 “fun fact” is the actual planting of another garden of Thuja occidentalis ‘Filiformis’ generation 3 seedlings that Doc grew. He was growing another batch! These Chris Daeger transplanted from his yard last spring (with permission of the family of course) from one of his trial beds and they for the most part are thread-leaf types which enforces the belief that he had a fondness for those that exhibited ‘Filiformis’ heritage. So now across the path from the original collection are about 30 more little specimens which over time will show their individual traits much like their older siblings did. Just one more reason to visit the Rowe as it is truly a conifer reference garden. A total of 115 or so new things were planted here in 2014, considerably more than what left – winter kills and Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) culls.

Central Region Election – 2015 A call for nominations will go out in the next Coniferite, our digital CR Newsletter. Election before July CR Meeting.