Call for Nominations for Central Region Officers

By Jerry Belanger

The ACS Central Region (CNR) is undergoing some unusually dramatic changes that affect your membership.

You’re probably aware that Steve Courtney, who has been both our treasurer and regional representative on the National Board of Directors, has taken the position of National Office Manager. Consequently, he is relinquishing both of his CNR positions.

Jim Kelley, our CNR president, is moving to another region, leaving the presidency vacant.

While the vice-president is traditionally a prelude to the presidency, Vice-President Gary Whittenbaugh has already held the top position. He’s not interested in serving in that capacity again and is willing to resign if somebody wants to run for the VP position.

Kim Downs is still recovering from her unfortunate accident and is bowing out of the secretary’s position she has long held.

The upshot: all five of these positions are open, and we must hold an election ASAP or our region will have no representation at the National ACS winter Board of Directors’ meeting in February. (The regional president also serves as a director on the national board.)

The first step is to collect a slate of candidates, and that’s where you come in. We need nominations or volunteers for the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and regional director. (The regional director can also be the v-p, secretary or treasurer, or a separate person altogether.)

Nominate any qualified ACS CNR member you think would be interested in serving. Here’s your golden opportunity to become more deeply connected to a great society by volunteering to serve in an official capacity yourself!

What’s involved? Here are some of the highlights:

  • The president is responsible for overseeing all regional operations and activities, as well as acting as a director on the national board.
  • In addition to being ready to stand in for the president, the vice-president works with area representatives in the development of programs, presentations and other promotions on a local level.
  • The treasurer works with the president in the preparation of the annual budget, keeps records and accounts for all funds resulting from CNR activities, and prepares annual financial summaries.
  • The secretary keeps regional records and minutes of meetings and assists the president in administrative duties related to planning and conducting the annual regional members’ meeting.
It’s unlikely that anyone in the society knows everyone else; that’s what makes member participation in the nominating process so important! You might know — or actually be — the ideal candidate. And the way to get the most from your organization is through active participation.

Ballots are being mailed to all current CNR members. We've produced an Election Special Issue of the Coniferite which has more information on this topic. It will be e-mailed to all CNR members whose e-mail addresses we have. If you do not receive this info you can still send your nominations to Gary Whittenbaugh <[email protected]> but get them to him by Saturday, December 7.