Ballot for SE Regional Director - VOTE NOW!

By Sandra Horn

This year, we elect a Regional Director who will serve a two year term. The term will take effect starting at this year’s national meeting in Ohio. Jared Weaver is running for the position.

Jared is a graduate of Western Kentucky University’s Horticulture program. He the Parks Forester/Arborist for the City of Bowling Green, KY, where he manages the City’s park trees and the City Tree Board. Jared has been a member of the ACS for five years and is currently a sponsor of the Baker Arboretum Reference Garden. He has also been a member of the Nashville Bonsai Society for about ten years. His current favorite conifer is the Oriental spruce.

Voting can be done by mail or email. Note: Deadline for voting is May 15th! To email your vote, state whether you vote Yes or No and send it to

If you prefer to use conventional mail to vote, print this letter with your vote marked and mail it to:

Jeff Harvey
2910 Poplar Hill Rd
Watertown, TN 37184

Yes__________ No__________