ACS website making changes

By Web Editor

The ACS website is undergoing changes that will result in a new look and new management later this year. ACS President Larry Nau, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, voted to take the existing web site in a new direction and appointed NER's Sean Callahan to take over the administration of the site and lead a comprehensive redesign that will be unveiled at the National Meeting in August. Bill Barger resigned his position effective today.

"For the past 12 years, Bill Barger has generously provided the ACS with a consistent and solid foundation on the worldwide web, said Nau. "Bill has not only given of his time, but has also provided the website's hosting at no cost to the ACS. During this same time Bill has been the person not only to keep the website functioning and current, but also to lead the efforts toward the creation of a database of conifers that is used by conifer enthusiasts as well as professionals and academics. With its thousands of records and over 5,000 photographs, this has been a monumental and ongoing effort to document the world of conifers that is becoming an important educational resource.

"Bill has not only been the ACS webmaster, but has also served as the ACS Central Region President. For over a decade, he has provided leadership," Nau said. "His expertise and countless donations of conifers in support of the ACS a thank-you will never be enough to express our gratitude."

Callahan, a long time member who gardens in New Hampshire and Maine serves on the ACS Editorial Advisory Committee. Before retiring, he was a magazine editor who, while at Time Warner, helped many of the Time Inc and Time Warner properties transition to the online world. Callahan is working with a web site development company in Maine, Pica Design, to implement the ACS website's new look.

According to Nau, "Sean brings his decades of work in publishing - both in print and online - to building upon the superb work laid down by Bill. With the help of many other web savvy members he is creating a resource for ACS to enhance our mission and our presence in the online world."

The NER newsletter recently published a Q&A with Callahan about the new site.