A HUGE Thank You to Our SE Auction Donors!

By Sandra Horn

The generosity of our donors enable the grants to our Reference Gardens that support the growth and improvement of their conifer collections. All money raised from the auction of the plants received from these donors goes to those grants.

This year, more than 300 plants, as well as garden-related tools and decorative items were donated. Many, many rare and otherwise almost unobtainable plants added excitement and fun to our annual conference. Now, in the gardens of the SE members who attended the conference, are tangible and living mementos of a spectacular conference. What better way to spread new and unusual cultivars in the Southeast Region?

When you get the chance, thank these donors and frequent their businesses:

Abbey View Farm, GA
Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery, NC
Architectural Trees, NC
Baker Arboretum, KY
Bill Blevins, VA
Brent & Becky's Bulbs, VA
Brotzman's Nursery, OH
Camellia Forest, NC
Coldwater Pond Nursery,NY
Conifer Kingdom, OR
Dirt Dawg Nursery, TN
Evergrowin' Greenhouses, VA
Fort Valley Nursery, VA
Garden Design Nursery, GA
Growtech, TN
Hawksridge Farms Inc., NC
Homewood Nursery, NC
J.C. Raulston Arboretum, NC
Jim Hanger, VA
Jody Karlin, GA
Karen Cochran, IN
Lance and Jerry Pailer, GA
Lasting Impressions, NC
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, VA
Maple Ridge Nursery, GA
Moore Farms Botanical Garden, SC
Mountain Meadows Nursery, NC
Neil Fusillo, GA
Ozzie Johnson, GA
Paul Schneider, TN
Piccadilly Farm, Nursery and Gardens, GA
Pine View Nursery, Inc., KY<
Plant Delights Nursery, NC
Reynolds Community College, VA
Stanley & Sons Nursery, OR
State Arboretum of Virginia, VA
The Unique Plant, NC
Viette Nurseries, Inc., VA
Village Garden Center, VA
Waynesboro Nursery, VA