Northeast Region - Lancaster PA Conifer Rendezvous

Date: Saturday, May 28, 10:00 AM
Place: , Lancaster, PA

May 28 Lancaster PA Conifer Rendezvous begins at 10 am at the Tanger Arboretum, Lancaster, PA then travel to Bob and Ruth Davis' Home Garden Lancaster PA.

Bob Davis purchased a cornfield in 1977 and began planting trees… mostly conifers.

In late 2015, an American Conifer Society (ACS) Reference Garden was added to the Tanger Arboretum. This reference garden also referred to as the Dwarf Conifer Garden, contains 150 species of dwarf and miniature conifers and the collection continues to grow.

Today Ruth & Bob’s 16-acre garden is mostly wooded for the wildlife, birds, and butterflies. They leave the fallen trees for the rabbits, fox, raccoons, and opossum… and yes, about 9 dead trees left for the many woodpeckers. While always interested in unique trees (including dozens of mature Dawn Redwoods & Bald Cypress), since joining the ACS around 2000, hundreds of dwarf & miniature have been added. We have planted many perennials and shrubs. Ruth also enjoys herbs and containers. Take your time watching as you come slowly back into our long stone lane. Hope you can join us and take a break around the pool to listen to the beautiful sounds of nature. More details are to be provided when you register.

(Rain date) May 29th. Register by emailing Bob Davis - at [email protected]

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