POSTPONED: Circle City Garden Tour

Date: Saturday, May 30, 9:00 AM - Sunday, May 31, 2020, 5:00 PM
Place: , Indianapolis, IN

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing the 2020 Circle City Garden Tour until May 2021. The gardeners here agreed that would be best for all and that out of state turnout would be poor due to the Hotel sanitizing issues, even though garden Social Distancing would be possible without the Dinner Gathering in the evening. But socializing with friends is very much a part of ACS gatherings and many of us are in the higher risk category of this virus. Not to mention that Rosie's Nursery is carry-out only and you can't go shopping. 😢
We will plan to do small garden walks with friends with appropriate Social Distancing and hope that you are able to connect with neighboring ACS members to do the same. Find them in the ACS online directory and give them a call. Every true gardener likes to talk plants and it's another reason to get outside in the sunshine and boost your immunity with good Vitamin D levels. Just don't get pink. Everything in moderation.

Join fellow ASC members and their guests for a fun weekend of garden tours in and around Indianapolis, IN. Included are 6 gardens and Rosie's Garden Center, selling a selection of conifers and companion plants, fountains, statuary, etc. Also included will be a stop at Eagleson's, a landscaping company that also has conifers for sale. Tour will be at your own pace.

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Jay Park

Contact Tess Park [email protected] see details below:
2020 ACS Indianapolis Circle City Garden Tour
Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st
9am – 5:00 pm EDST Both days Register by May 20th

It has been five years since Indianapolis has hosted a conifer garden tour. The tour is OPEN ONLY FOR ACS MEMBERS & THEIR GUESTS WHO HAVE PREREGISTERED. The 2020 ACS Indianapolis Circle Garden Tour is designed to be flexible, including lunch break (on your own) and rest stops. The Indy ACS Tour Gardens (Indy’s nickname is Circle City) can be visited in any order, except be aware of two gardens with time or day restrictions. There will be six gardens plus Rosie’s Garden Center with a selection of conifers and companion plants, fountains, statues, and more. Three new gardens await exploration and there have been changes in the three from last tour. The Eagleson’s, who own a landscape company, will also have a limited supply of conifers for sale in their garden. If you have about 1-2 hours travel time on each end, you can do it in one 12 hour day trip if you don’t plan to gather at Wolfie’s for socializing and stick to a tight schedule. But, we strongly encourage you to take two days to spend as much time visiting and learning from gardeners throughout the day with fellow coniferites. Then, in the evening, socialize, have a nice, affordable dinner in Wolfie’s Private Dining Room, stay overnight and visit the remaining gardens on Sunday before driving home. So, book your hotel ASAP. If you have to cancel the hotel later, you can. This is the weekend after the Indianapolis 500 Race, but there are also continued hotel demand from amateur sports activities at Grand Park in Westfield, IN. Search hotels close to Carmel, IN, as our garden and Wolfie’s Grill is located center of the tour, but Fishers, IN or 82nd St. Indianapolis area is also a good location.

To make Tour & Dinner Reservations: There is a minimum of $500 food and beverages tab the group must attain to reserve the Private Room. Therefore, ALL who plan to have dinner need to mail me a check to “hold” for $20 per person until the group has spent the minimum amount on dinner and drinks. I will return your checks that evening when we meet the goal, so you will only be paying for your own restaurant bill. If we have 25 people or more spending $20, it’s all good. Please join us for dinner. I’ll e-mail your name tags which will have “dinner” on them when I receive the check. Your garden tour entry ticket will be the name tags that I send you to print out and safety-pin to your clothing or place in your own plastic name tag holder. I’ll also try to arrange for a thumb drive show and tell for You to Tell your gardening stories!

Mail $20 per person check to ACS Tour Tess Park, 15525 Oak Road, Carmel, IN 46033. Then, e-mail me to let me know name(s), phone number, and that the check is coming and I will e-mail your entry name tag(s) when it’s received. Please call only if you do not have e-mail: (317) 372-0285.

To make Tour Reservations only, e-mail Tess Park [email protected] with name(s) of ACS member or guest attending. Your entry ticket will be the name tags that I send you to print out and pin to your clothing or place in your own plastic name tag holder. The garden tours are no charge. Your name tags will not have “dinner” printed on them.