Merit Awards History

Merit Awards were first given out in 1995. The current chair of the Awards Committee is Dennis Groh. Since 1996, we have solicited nominations for these awards directly from the membership by placing a notice in the Conifer Quarterly. Ballots are prepared by the committee chair and sent to all former award recipients. A tally of the vote is given to the ACS Board of Directors at the winter board meeting for approval, and the awards are announced at the national meeting.

Former award recipients are:

Justin C. “Chub” Harper Award of Merit for Development in the Field of Conifers (before 2011 known as the Award of Merit for Development In the Field of Conifers) Marvin & Emelie Snyder Award for Dedicated Support of the American Conifer Society (before 2004 known as the Award of Merit for Dedicated Support of the ACS)
1995James Cross, New YorkBill Wells, Pennsylvania
1996Edward Rezek, New YorkChub Harper, Illinois
1997Richard Bush, OregonSusan Martin, Maryland
1998Sidney Waxman, ConnecticutCharlene Harris, Michigan
1999John Verkade, New JerseyR. William Thomas, Pennsylvania
2000Alfred Fordham, MassachusettsDon Howse, Oregon
2000Tom Dilitush, New Jersey
2001Joe Stupka, PennsylvaniaRichard Eyre, Illinois
2002John Mitsch, OregonLarry Stanley, Oregon
2003Jerry Morris, ColoradoBob Fincham, Washington
2004J. R. P. van Hoey Smith – NetherlandsMarvin Snyder – Kansas
2005Joel Spingarn – ConnecticutGary Whittenbaugh – Iowa
2006Dennis Dodge – ConnecticutRidge Goodwin – Pennsylvania
2007Paul Halladin – OregonMaud Henne – Virginia
2008Chub Harper – IllinoisFrank Goodhart – New Jersey
2009Marty Brooks – PennsylvaniaKathleen Pottratz – Oregon
2010Larry Stanley – OregonJordan Jack – North Carolina
2011Ron Determann – GeorgiaClark West – Ohio
2012Gary Gee – MichiganFlo Chaffin – North Carolina
2013Kurt Wittbodt-Mueller – Verden (Germany)Dennis Groh – Michigan
2014Derek Spicer – Lutterworth (England)Bill Barger – Ohio
2015Bob Fincham – WashingtonEthan Johnson – Ohio
2016Adrian Bloom – Foggy Bottom (England)Tom Cox – Georgia
2017Bill Barger – OhioDon Wild – Michigan
2018Andy Duvall – MIchiganElmer Dustman – New York