Picea engelmannii 'Bush's Lace' or other cultivars

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I am located near Madison, WI and really like the look of 'Bush's Lace' Engelmann spruce. Unfortunately, too many people here still plant Colorado blue spruce and they look awful due to high disease susceptibility to Cytospora canker and Rhizosphaera needle blight. Can anyone tell me if Engelmann or the cultivars are susceptible to these diseases? My neighbor has two, ugly, blue spruce full of disease in the back of my property, near where I want to plant 'Bush's Lace'. I already have Picea glauca 'Pendula' and it is doing fine.


David Olszyk

Oh yes ... definitely susceptible to both of those! These species have evolved to thrive in semi-arid steppe climate. They hate humidity and hot nights, which makes them ill-suited for the midwest's humid continental climate.

Laura Jull

Rats! Are there any spruce that aren't susceptible to these diseases? I haven't seen diseases on 'Bush's Lace' at various gardens I have visited.

David Olszyk

for spruce, your best bet is to seek out species native to Japan and China. I know for certain that Picea meyeri gets along well with humidity. I have 'Bush's Lace' in Washington state. Some years it's really lousy with the needlecast. These steppe plants don't like our wet springs.