How to revive a weeping norway spruce prostrate?

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Hi, I have a weeping norway spruce prostrate recently planted about 2 months ago that is losing needles and is very dry. I cut back some of the branches, have begun watering twice a day, added some fresh all purpose topsoil for nutrients and water retention, and have also added a fresh layer of mulch. Does anyone have any recommendations on additional steps I can/should take to help revive?


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Hi Greg, you don't say where you are, but summer is not a great time to plant woody plants. Sounds like the rootball dried out, and once that happens the plant is usually a goner. Twice a day is WAY too much water; conifers generally need well-draining soil that is allowed to get just dry in between waterings. Also, when you applied the topsoil and the mulch, did you make sure that the root flare on the trunk is still exposed? You don't want to bury the trunk. You can send a photo to [email protected]; it might help to see a picture.