Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

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I recently purchased a Ch. l. ‘Supernova’. It had a white plastic strip Iseli tag on it, but not the signature triangular tag. I don’t see much info on this cultivar, either on Iseli’s or ACS’s websites. Any idea on the history of this gorgeous cypress? Thank you.


David Olszyk

Hi Dan, I suspect you have a misnamed 'Nova'. Compare with this record:

there's a bit of confusion: 'Super Nova', 'Supernova', 'Mini Nova' and 'Nova' all come from the same nursery. Probably all renamings.

Robert Fincham

I believe it originated at the Hungarian Nursery of Elemer Barabits and found its way to this country. Although Supernova is one word, I believe he split it into two words as 'Super Nova'. It originated before 1980.