Advice on protecting conifers from large tempurature swings?

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Hello everyone. Last fall in Colorado, we had a major temperature drop of about 70 degrees in about 30 hours. Here is an article on this event. Then this spring, we had a very hard late freeze after numerous weeks of pleasant weather. Here is an article on this 2020 event. Between these two events, we lost several conifers. It appears we will be hit with another major temperature swing in the next 72 hours. Colorado has had record-breaking heat over this labor day weekend with temperatures in the high 90s, low 100s. They are predicting that it will drop to low 20s, high 10s by Tuesday night with 6-12 inches of snow. I was hoping some of the gurus in ACS could provide some advice to limit conifer damage/kill. I am going to mulch and water everything heavily. I have a bunch of burlap and I plan to cover the smaller/newer plantings. Besides move, any other adivce?