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Posted 17 hours ago by David Olszyk to Pusch

I think it depends on where you live. In the U.S. it's one of the most easily-found garden conifers. Any garden center worth shopping at will have it.

Posted 17 hours ago by Misson to Pusch

Very nice little conifer, but the plant is sometimes not found for sale due to its difficult multiplication

Posted 1 day ago by Mary Ann to magnifica

I am curious if the red fir seed and the white fir seed, once sprouted, has 2 cotyledons or a single one? Is there a picture of the sprout at this very early stage? Thanks

Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to Lane

cool. Now we just need somebody with a camera, then we can get it written up.

Posted 4 days ago by Ronald Schlak to Lane

'Lane ' was prominent in Adrian Bloom's garden in his book . I admired it mucho

Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to Lane

thanks for this information, Louise. Is there any evidence that this cultivar is extant in any garden anywhere? Many of these ancient cultivars no longer exist.

Posted 4 days ago by Louise Keil to Lane

Developed by H. Lane & Son's Nurseries, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England in the 19th century. Research into this nursery (c1777 - c1959) is ongoing and little more is known about this currently (13/01/2021).

Posted 5 days ago by Abe to Glauca

Very slow growing in the desert of Arizona.

Posted 5 days ago by David Olszyk to monticola

there are several, but climate and soil nutrition are the factors with the biggest influence.

Posted 6 days ago by Greg to monticola

What is the growth factor for ponderosa pine?

Posted 7 days ago by David Olszyk to Green Giant

no way of knowing ... you didn't say where on Earth your lake with a slope is.

Posted 7 days ago by Don Rollo to Green Giant

I live on a lake with a slight slope to the water,when digging we will hit water about 5 foot deep, will the Thuja 'Green Giant' survive here? It is mostly sandy soil.We just removed a Maple tree which had the roots on top of the ground. We are using the trees for a privacy wall .

Posted 7 days ago by Daniel Spear to orientalis

Sieglinde, I saw the species in a B&B for sale at Chattooga Gardens in Cashiers, NC, which is about 1 hr 45 mins from Hendersonville. They had many trees for sale.

Posted 8 days ago by Web Editor to Black Dragon

Cryptomeria are also known (around here anyway, with our Mediterranean climate) for producing copious amounts of brown interior foliage, always more prevalent at the bottom. A photo might be instructive.

Posted 8 days ago by David Olszyk to Black Dragon

if the foliage is brown and dry, potentially becoming black, it is dead and is being consumed by fungus. Please remove that dead foliage. Potted conifers are sometimes more prone to disease.

Posted 9 days ago by Russell to Black Dragon

Our cryptomeria has quite a bit of browning on the bottom but the foliage is still supple. The other we have in a pot as well 10 ft away is completely green. What should I do?

Posted 9 days ago by David Olszyk to araucana

Hi Ramon ... Google is our friend. A simple search returned the following:

Posted 9 days ago by Dan Spear to Gracilis

Frank, Bruce Appeldoorn of Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery in Bostic NC grows/sells numerous cultivars of Thujopsis dolabrata. I’m not sure where you live, but that may be an option.

Posted 9 days ago by Ramon Mendoza to araucana

I am/was a member of the American Conifer Society for the primary interest of learning as much as I could about the Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle Tree). My wife and I currently operate what I would say is the largest nursery dedicated to growing this species from seed. I say the largest since I…

Posted 10 days ago by David Olszyk to albertiana

that's very interesting ... worth doing DNA analysis to verify. By the way, the link didn't work ...

Posted 10 days ago by Ck Choo to albertiana

Various sources seem to suggest that this Picea glauca × Picea engelmannii (Picea × albertiana). (e.g. Can you clarify?

Posted 10 days ago by Penny Brewer to Capitata

I saw them last summer (2020) at Russell’s in Wayland MA. I will update this post if I see them again this spring (2021).

Posted 11 days ago by David Olszyk to Gracilis

Hi Frank ... over the decades, many of these "ancient cultivars" have been lost to cultivation for no particular reason. These days, the only commonly produced cultivars of this species are 'Nana', 'Aurea' and 'Variegata'. If you really want the specific plants you're after, you should try to find…

Posted 11 days ago by Frank Brouse to Gracilis

Interested to find growers that grow, Thujopsis dolobrata 'Compacta' and / or 'Gracilis' and / or 'Latifolia'? Or have the whereabouts of a grower that may have availability? Thanks, Frank

Posted 11 days ago by Linda Smith to orientalis

I have seven planted in USDA Zones 7a - 7b. It's the best conifer I ever planted in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Kept them watered through their youth in our hot summers; gorgeous trees! Came from Camillia Nursery in Chapel Hill. The Parks carry unusual , gorgeous plants in NC. All in…

Posted 13 days ago by Sara Malone to Nana Gracilis

hi Patricia I am in Sonoma County and they do fine here. However, they do seem to do best with a bit of afternoon shade and they are not what I would consider drought tolerant. They are lovely plants though, so worth a little trouble in getting them sited correctly.

Posted 13 days ago by Patricia Adams to Nana Gracilis

Will this do will in Northern California? I'm 55 miles north of SF and 15 miles from the coast.

Posted 13 days ago by Jon to Metasequoia

Many descriptions of the dawn redwood say it is hardy Dow to Zone 4. I’m going to plant some in northern New Hampshire and test it. Does anyone know of trees surviving in this cold zone?

Posted 14 days ago by Mac to canadensis

I recommend that you remove the forked hemlock, as it will be prone to break at the fork when it gets larger. These will typically grow to be very large trees.

Posted 14 days ago by David Olszyk to The Blues

That's what I've always been led to understand as well. Here's the source of the controversy: