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Posted 1 day ago by David Olszyk to albertiana

hello ACS ... apparently, a the world is now closing around Picea × albertiana as the correct name for this trinomial. In order to be accurate, this record needs editing to upgrade it to hybrid status (over varietal), and all of the dwarf Alberta spruce cultivars need to be moved under that…

Posted 2 days ago by Veronika Kessling to pinea

Where can I buy 8-10 Italian Stone Pine trees? Live in Los Angeles area but if I can buy these online will do it ASAP.

Posted 4 days ago by Jim Palmer to Skylands

I purchased a Skylands Oriental Spruce 40” H x 20” wide .How little can I keep it in a large garden pot and trim it to control the growth?

Posted 4 days ago by Philip to Black Dragon

How much shade can the Black Dragon tolerate? I'm surprised there's no information on this in the species description above.

Posted 5 days ago by Sara Malone to Picola

Nice nursery. they give a 10% discount to ACS members.

Posted 5 days ago by Sara Malone to Blue Dwarf

Hi Teressa - we are a botanical society; we don't sell plants to the public.

Posted 5 days ago by Sara Malone to Glauca

1) the totally brown one is dead. You can remove it. 2) regarding the half-brown/half-green one: depends on what it looks like. Cedrus atlantica is a vigorous grower here in Mediterranean 9b. I can prune them back hard and they will push new growth aggressively. If you don't mind looking at it for…

Posted 5 days ago by Sara Malone to sempervirens

The problem with planting under a Sequoia is that they have incredibly agressive, thirsty roots that grab any and all water that is available. The rule is, 'don't get in a battle for water with a Sequoia sempervirens; it will win.' Pretty much the only thing that you can put under a Sequoia is a…

Posted 5 days ago by Sara Malone to Mac Gold

Hi Jimmy, in my garden this grows about 4" a year. I'm in Mediterranean zone 9b, the tree gets shaded for a few hours in the morning and is in full sun the rest of the day. It's been a very good performer; it produces glorious pale yellow new foliage, which greens up as summer progresses, and the…

Posted 7 days ago by Staffan Wall to Fitzroya

I am searching for seeds of Fitzroya cupressoides. Please can you give me an advice how to obtain seeds. Regards Staffan Wall

Posted 7 days ago by Mike Letteriello to edulis

I have a Pinus edulis that is now about 22 years old. It makes the male cones but have never seen the female cones above, unless i've missed them, but I looked at it just today and saw none.

Posted 7 days ago by Brock to Karl Fuchs

This article is interesting. It tells one zone it grows in (the coldest?) but not the hottest zone where it will do well.

Posted 8 days ago by Lorraine Lauer to Globosa Nana

I am not a conifer expert in any way..but the registered nurse that I am wonders about the level of sodium your tree was exposed to during the brakish water flood. Maybe a local nursery or your county extension can assist with a diagnosis. Good luck.

Posted 9 days ago by Carol Galvez to Little Ann

I too, want to know where I can purchase this conifer? I live in North Ogden, Utah.

Posted 9 days ago by Gary to Fernspray Gold

Hi Daniel, Thank you for this information. If you know anyone with crippssi around 3 feet or so please share the contact. Thanks!

Posted 9 days ago by Gary to Fernspray Gold

Hi Michael, Thank you very much for your reply. The crippsii we have now is about 3 feet and kept trimmed very tight and rounded at the top. If you know of anyone that may have these I would appreciate the contact. Thanks again!

Posted 10 days ago by Michael Cirella to Devinely Blue

I got several of the dwarfs of this tree and love them. mine only grow like 2 inches a year and were 4 feet tall in the beginning

Posted 11 days ago by Larry H to Mac Gold

We live in zone 4 MN. Will the full size Mac's gold be sensitive to winter burn?

Posted 11 days ago by Michael Summers to Fernspray Gold

Crippsii is larger growing Fernspray, also the foliage is a little bit of different texture and tighter together. What size is the crippsii you have now?

Posted 11 days ago by Linda Rockers to sempervirens

Trying to figure out what to plant under my Sequoia. It’s about 75 years old and big. It drops a lot of needles. I’d like to plant something under the tree that would cover the needles but like the soil. Any suggestions? Thank You!

Posted 11 days ago by Daniel Spear to Fernspray Gold

Gary, They are not the same. ‘Crippsii’ is the cultivar you have. It is quite common at garden centers and nurseries. ‘Fernspray Gold’ is a different cultivar of Hinoki cypress. Be sure to remove/exchange the soil when planting your new ‘Crippsii’. The new plants will not be vigorous in the…

Posted 13 days ago by Sandra to Black Dragon

I purchased a black dragon a few weeks ago. It's about 3 feet tall and has good width. The issue is some of the branches have some brown in them, including the little flowers on the tips. Is that normal? Also, I'm in Zone 6A (Mass) and I'm wondering if it's better to keep it potted and bring it…

Posted 13 days ago by Remo to Horstmann

When should I expect to see new growth?

Posted 14 days ago by Gary to Fernspray Gold

Hi, We have a row of small shrubs/trees that had a tag called shrub hinoki cypress crippsii Chamaecyparis obtusa and we are are looking for one or two more to fill in where a couple died. I see you show a gold fernspray cypress that looks very much like the ones we have. Are they the same? If not,…

Posted 14 days ago by Edith Pederson to Taylor's Sunburst

My 'Taylor's Sunburst' is about 6 years old..planted in well-drained loam with compost and peat. It is so beautiful, but each spring I have to prune back dead material at the bottom of the tree. Is there something I can do to help? Thank you.

Posted 14 days ago by Lee to Glauca

I had three blue atlas cedars planted last fall. Right now one looks perfect, one looks totally dead (brown) and one looks dead (brown) from the middle up. Is the totally brown one dead? What do I do with the half and half one?

Posted 15 days ago by Jason to lyallii

Sorry for the late reply, but Bosky Dell Natives in OR carries them at times, and is where I found them. I now have three subalpine larches (and one dead one), all three made it through last year's heat wave just fine. Unfortunately the very first one I got the year prior died from shock from…

Posted 15 days ago by Naturebat to decidua

I ordered one from chief river nursery bare root, though not sure if they offer large specimens.

Posted 15 days ago by Cheryl Flondro to Jane Kluis

I have a Jane and it has white cotton like stuff on the new candles. It is a older transplant. I have photos. What should it do? Best regards , Cheryl

Posted 15 days ago by Teressa Dumbleton to Blue Dwarf

Is this plant always on hand at your store? I also need the price again I'm sorry of this weeping plant