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Posted 1 day ago by Darrell to Radicans

I’m north of NYC. So based upon your answer I had better wait. Thanks for the quick and detailed response.

Posted 2 days ago by David Olszyk to Radicans

that's a really tough question! It's always best to plant in accordance with temperature, not time. Best results will be when air temp during the day is in the 50sF with nights dropping into the 30sF, with the ground not anticipated to freeze for 45 days. The goal is to not have any push of top…

Posted 2 days ago by Darrell Wheeler to Radicans

Can it be planted in the northeast in December, or wait until spring?

Posted 3 days ago by David Olszyk to Glauca Pendula

you should prune away the dead parts.

Posted 3 days ago by Rosemary to Glauca Pendula

the last 4 feet of my blue atlas beginning just before the arch begins is was planted as a new plant 2 years ago by the previous homeowner. The first 3.5 feet seem to be thriving. What do I do ?

Posted 4 days ago by Kay S to Thuja

I am waterfront in Santa Cruz CA Can the American Pillar Arborvitae handle wind and salt spray? Thanks :)

Posted 5 days ago by David Olszyk to Metasequoia

you know, Stephanie, if you get a hurricane rolling through from the right direction, it's possible that any tree could get snapped. Dawn redwood is no more or less strong than any tree. Look around the neighborhood ... how many snapped off trees to do see? Look around the vicinity ... how many…

Posted 5 days ago by Stephanie Patton to Metasequoia

I planted a 4ft dawn redwood about 30 yrs ago. (Washington DC area, USDA Zone 7) It's now a gorgeous 60 to 70 feet tall and rather messy tree (drops many small branches in the fall on even mildly windy days). I have accommodated the falling needles with special gutters. However, a landscape guy…

Posted 5 days ago by Micheal Kloppel to Metasequoia

I grow these from seed and sell that which I do not plant myself. If anyone is every interested in non-cutting, seed grown Dawn Redwoods look up " Rochester Redwoods " on Facebook. It's a passion for me, I love growing the trees and am dedicating a large portion of my 7 acres to this and other…

Posted 7 days ago by Daniel Spear to Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

I recently purchased a Ch. l. ‘Supernova’. It had a white plastic strip Iseli tag on it, but not the signature triangular tag. I don’t see much info on this cultivar, either on Iseli’s or ACS’s websites. Any idea on the history of this gorgeous cypress? Thank you.

Posted 7 days ago by David Olszyk to Green Penguin

I've talked with Jim in the past. He thinks mature plants look like green penguins, hence the name.

Posted 7 days ago by Terry Covington to Green Penguin

Hi, I am the secretary for a local environmental group in Clark County, WA, called NatureScaping of SW Washington. Our all-volunteer organization cares for 10 demonstration gardens on 3 acres of land called the Wildlife Botanical Gardens. I post photos from the gardens on our Facebook page. One…

Posted 8 days ago by Carol Goodwin to sibirica

I purchased some from Tree Time, a mail order nursery. They were nice plants on arrival.

Posted 8 days ago by Scott MacKenzie to Resin, Rosin, Sap

Hello all! I am currently a student at the Violin Making School of America in Utah and I have a few questions regarding Resin/Rosin/Sap as it applies to making from-scratch natural wood varnishes for our musical instruments. Now I know you all may not be master wood workers or organic chemists as…

Posted 9 days ago by David Olszyk to Radicans

no way ... grows too fast. You'll wear out yourself and your equipment. Best technique for you is to select a slower growing cultivar.

Posted 9 days ago by David Olszyk to Glauca

thank you. That's a very kind thing to say.

Posted 9 days ago by Malcolm to Radicans

What about pruning? Can Cryptomeria japonica var radicans be pruned? Let's say, to make it more columnar and less pyramidal? If so, what's the best technique to use?

Posted 9 days ago by Kracheni Abdennour to Glauca

Bonjour, je suis forestier et j'aime fais partie de vous.

Posted 9 days ago by David Olszyk to Ginkgo

it depends on how windy it is in your location. If a male tree exists in the neighborhood somewhere, you should be good.

Posted 10 days ago by Brad Johnson to Ginkgo

I've been searching the internet and can't find a good answer to my question. How far apart can the trees be and still have good cross pollination?

Posted 11 days ago by Steve Murray to Chirimen

I have a few with the same condition and letting time take its course. If they were perfect, they would be the only plant of mine that was. I enjoy them however they are, even battle-scarred.

Posted 11 days ago by Daniel Spear to Lynn's Golden Ceramic Christmas Tree

Thomas, will you please upload a picture? I’m sure it is stunning. Bruce Appeldoorn grows it locally here in Western North Carolina. I planted a small 1 Gal last year.

Posted 11 days ago by David Olszyk to Chirimen

Pierce, you stumbled upon one of the principle features of this conifer. Any time these plants shed either old foliage or pollen cones from branchlets, they will remain bare forever. They will never fill in; the best we hope for is new branches growing from below, obscuring the bare parts. It's…

Posted 11 days ago by Pierce Story to Chirimen

I have several Chirimen in my small collection. One, in particular, has lost a lot of the middle of its branches. It looks quite strange now, with growth only at both ends of the branches. It's been like this for a year or more, and doesn't seem to want to fill back in. Will it eventually fill…

Posted 12 days ago by Thomas Trueman to Lynn's Golden Ceramic Christmas Tree

Haven't seen any since I planted mine in the late 90's, it's 7' tall now and one of my rare favorites.

Posted 13 days ago by Melissa Ruoff-Hilgers to Taxus

Their was a giant yew in a neighbor's front yard that has been there for probably over a hundred years. The new owners of the house cut it to the ground. Northeast US. Are they a protected species?

Posted 13 days ago by Jack Blackwell to Corcorcor

Eva, I have one as well and it is very hardy. These plants are asexual, so they reproduce without an opposite sex. This year mine was particularly loaded with berries, which the birds have enjoyed immensely. This link will provide more insight into the plant. Good luck…

Posted 13 days ago by David Olszyk to Pendula

Hi Jack, there's an obscure named cultivar out there called 'Pendula Densa' — that's probably the one you have. For what it's worth, there are at least nine named cultivars out there that were named seedlings of 'Pendula'.

Posted 13 days ago by Jack Blackwell to Pendula

I have a 'Nootka' in my yard that I purchased from Bill Hendricks at Klyn Nursery. He named it 'Pendula Dense'. It has a tighter growth habit and doesn't share the same weep that the 'Pendula Weeping' has. It is an amazing blue green color and it truly makes a statement in my yard.

Posted 14 days ago by Eva to Corcorcor

20 years ago before I got into gardening we had a company design and install a shrub bed. 5 Emerald Sentinel Junipers were planted along the street. They all died ( as I learned the hard way the spot was too wet) but we had 2 seedlings surviving in a dryer spot. They do not have berries.…