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Posted 6 hours ago by Lee Pielemeier to chinensis

Great site. Thank you

Posted 2 days ago by Lynne Faust to Keteleeria

In Gavin Menzies 's book, "1421, The Year China Discovered the World", I first learned about Keteleria. The wood from this tree was used to build Chinese trading ships in the Middle Ages. Fragments of it had been identified in the wreck of a medieval Chinese junk buried under a 40' sandbank in…

Posted 2 days ago by David Olszyk to Fernspray Gold

could be seed cones ... could be bagworms ... could be gall. Based on words only, it could be one of those.

Posted 2 days ago by David Olszyk to Pendula

could be any number of things, Michael. 1. planting a huge tree like that in summer is extremely risky ... only about a 25% chance of it working at all. Even under the best of conditions, it'll take five years before it gets going. 2. If it was B&B, did you remove the burlap and binding that…

Posted 2 days ago by Neil Fusillo to Cream Ball

That's been my experience, too. Mine's growing about 8-12" a year as a cone.

Posted 3 days ago by Elizabeth McCann to Fernspray Gold

Mine is 3 years old and is doing well. The tree is loaded with these brown balls. Would you please tell me what these balls are. Thanks.

Posted 3 days ago by Michael to Pendula

Greetings, I had planted a fairly large weeping white spruce summer of 2018, about 10-12 feet tall. The trees main leader came from the nursery cut, which seemed odd to me. It had established a new leader, that was also cut (prior to me receiving the tree). My guess is the nursery was practicing…

Posted 3 days ago by David Olszyk to Skyrocket

If you want the berries to be fertile, you'll get a higher quality yield if there are multiple specimens (different cultivars) around.

Posted 3 days ago by Elizabeth Jones to Skyrocket

Do I need a male to produce berries on the skyrocket?

Posted 3 days ago by David Olszyk to pindrow

width is impossible to say. There's way too much variation in seedlings. In pindrow, I've personally seen width = half, 3-thirds, or 1-quarter the height of the tree.

Posted 3 days ago by David Olszyk to Katere

yes, this species should be hardy to Zone 6 and has evolved to thrive in a Mediterranean climate. Since it has only been around for 20 years, there's probably not enough data to establish a mature size. Conifers typically take 50 years to reach reasonable maturity. Remember, they never actually…

Posted 3 days ago by Alek Roslik to Whipcord Thuja Plicata blackened foliage

I planted the Whipcord Thuja, and a week or so later it started to blacken on some of the foliage on one side. I carefully took it scooped the dirt and mulch away from the side, put in different mulch and dirt, and recovered the dirt with pine bark much, and I have watered it weekly. It continues…

Posted 3 days ago by Xander Simpson to pindrow

Could you add the tree "spread"? I am doing a project for red pandas, but the habitat needs trees so I picked the tree that native to their wild habitat but I need dimensions so I can put it into my project. Thank you for reading this and have a great day! -Xander

Posted 3 days ago by Denise to Katere

Can the cedar of lebanon handle zone 6 and there seems to be some discrepancy over the mature size of this plant.

Posted 3 days ago by Yvonne Brown to Compressa

Where can I buy this plant near Alliston, ON Canada or can I order it?

Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to Skyrocket

you'll need a container that's at least 4 feet wide and deep. You'll also need to make sure it has impeccable drainage, that it's sited in all day full sun, and that you use a potting medium that is appropriate for woody plants.

Posted 4 days ago by Allan McKenzie to strobiformis

Searching for Brotzmans Select came up with these people . Maybe there's a connection?

Posted 4 days ago by Aj to Skyrocket

Does Skyrocket juniper do well in containers? What's the minimize size container needed for growing one 5-8 feet tall?

Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to strobiformis

never heard of that one. It doesn't appear in any of my resources ... It must be pretty obscure and unknown in the nursery trade.

Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to Sester Dwarf

that doesn't sound too encouraging. You'll know for certain by August.

Posted 5 days ago by Janine Bitner to Sester Dwarf

I planted a #10 specimen last summer. This year it is now green and I see no new candles. Is it dying?

Posted 5 days ago by Lee Buttala to strobiformis

Does anyone have any information on the mature size of the Brotzmans Select variety of this pine. It appears to have a broader habit in its youth.

Posted 5 days ago by Ronald Schlak to Green Giant

Jeff Scheidler ,,,Stick with your native soil It will help to cultivate around your plants to keep the surface rough so water soaks in . Mulch also helps to keep soil soft

Posted 5 days ago by David Olszyk to Green Giant

the fertilizer spikes probably won't kill them, they just won't do anything. If you planted 10-foot-tall 'Green Giants' in spring, that's probably what's stressing them.

Posted 5 days ago by David Olszyk to Fairmont

never heard of a "presidential" ginkgo ... how does it differ from any other ginkgo?

Posted 5 days ago by Paul to Fairmont

I live in the upstate of South Carolina. I have been looking for 2 Presidential Ginkgo trees or one similar. Any help or direction, on this search, if any, would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 5 days ago by Karen Tremblay to Green Giant

We planted 10 'Green Giant' arborvitaes and used some fertilizer spikes and now I read you shouldn't use fertilizer. Some of the trees now have some brown parts. Will using the fertilizer spikes kill them?

Posted 9 days ago by David Olszyk to palustris

to determine the acurrate age of a tree, it's necessary to take a core sample and count the rings. There is no "growth factor." Tree rings will vary greatly in size due to rainfall and other growing conditions.

Posted 9 days ago by Toni Milleret to palustris

I am a teacher and I'm trying to determine the age of the longleaf pines near my home. I have measured the circumference of several trees. I know how to calculate the diameter of the trunk. Do you have a growth factor I can use to estimate the trees' age? Thank you!

Posted 10 days ago by Daniel Spear to longaeva

Roger, an internet search shows multiple companies selling this pine. Even Amazon. I’m guessing the difference would be size of the plant.