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Posted 15 days ago by Dan to ponderosa

Can I plant Ponderosa Pines in Oklahoma without an issue?

Posted 23 days ago by Fred Cain to Hazel Smith

I would be very much interested in hearing from anyone who has tried to raise the "Hazel Smith" variant in USDA zones 5b or 6a.

Posted 23 days ago by Fred Cain to Sequoiadendron

Has anyone in the U.S. outside of the west coast states successfully attempted to raise giant Sequoias especially the "Hazel Smith" variant? I'd be especially interested in hearing from anyone in USDA zones 5b or 6a.

Posted 26 days ago by Wolfram to Sekkan

I purchased a young Cryptomeria japonica about 5 feet in height, after 5 weeks it was turning brown from the bottom up but underneath the branches the needles still showed green .Thinking it may die I removed it washed away all earth from the roots and replanted it in an area where it was more…

Posted 28 days ago by Thomas Neel to canariensis

Not sure about how it will do in high winds, but it is a very fire adaptible tree. Many of the trees on La Palma that were burned by fires from the recent eruption are resprouting epicormic shoots, meaning that they resprout from the trunk even if the original foliage was killed.

Posted 28 days ago by Thomas Neel to resinosa

Was Pinus Ponderosa originally called "Red Pine" because of its resemblance to this tree species?

Posted 28 days ago by Kevin Hudie to Picola

How well will they grow in clay-type soil? Thanks

Posted 30 days ago by Mike to Metasequoia

Nice! I just planted 4 here in Central OK this past fall, I'm really excited to see how they do. How tall are yours now? Are they handling this hot and dry summer well?

Posted 30 days ago by Helen Walmsley to Merrimack

Does pinus strobus merrimack have the same medicinal properties as the large pinus strobus

Posted 1 month ago by Melissa to Mother Lode

Hello ! I am potting a small one today that I will keep as a bonsai. I’ve added rocks to bottom for drainage and amended the souls with very fine gravel, close to sand. Any tips, especially on fertilization will be helpful . Thank you

Posted 1 month ago by Greg Swann to edulis

I believe I have a pinon pine seedling growing on the border of my tilled garden area. I live in Central California about 20 miles east of El Paso de Robles, and in March of 2021, while tilling the garden area prior to planting, I noticed a spiral shaped, multi-needled plant emerging with a hard…

Posted 1 month ago by Kimberly Pearson to koreana

Hi Sherri. What conditions was your Korean fir planted in (in Oregon)? What is your estimate on its growth rate and height and width at maturity? Thank you.

Posted 1 month ago by Melanie to Baby Blue Eyes

We just bought a container grown 15gal. Baby Blue Eyes tree. We live in the Midwest; Zone 5b. Is now a good time to plant the tree?

Posted 1 month ago by Robert Fincham to Karl Fuchs

It could be insect or winter damage to the leader which has the effect of pruning the top.

Posted 1 month ago by Robert Fincham to Monkinn

I have seen 'Feelin' Blue' randomly produce a strong growing leader. It is not common but does happen. Monrovia had that happen and propagated it, creating a tree form that is different from its parent plant. They preserved this characteristic and are propagating and selling it.

Posted 1 month ago by Gabriel Pettinicchio to decurrens

Hi Maxwell, I live in inland Orange County, CA. Can you tell me how tall this tree's ave. height range might be on a lawn? Thank you!

Posted 1 month ago by Patrick Metiva to Picola

Just purchased a "mature" 1 g. from local (Seattle) Hardware store. Plan on keeping it in a pot for its lifespan. Going to grow as a Bonsai. Waiting to January to pot properly but already am enjoying its Vibe.

Posted 1 month ago by James Overstreet to Compacta

We planted a Compact Hinoki Cypress at the corner of the house where the builder had planted a holly about 10 years ago. It did not occur to me when we planted it as cypress I thought are fairly safe, but is there is a risk of foundation damage from planting 3-4 feet from the corner of the home?

Posted 1 month ago by George Sands to Fernspray Gold

I have a Chamaecyparis Tetragona Aurea it is supposed to grow only 5-6FT. It is turning Brown. Should I plant it in shade or full sun? And is there anything I should spray on it or treat it somehow. it is in Full Sun right in the ground.

Posted 1 month ago by Jan Simmons to Pendula

My weeping Norway spruce is flowing on the ground. For the second year, it has grown new green tips on the branches that by midsummer turn brown. I don’t believe this is a case of too little moisture as last year we were in drought but I watered it with soaker hose. This yea we have received…

Posted 1 month ago by Teresa to Blue Point

I planted five blue point juniper in April in central Texas. One is clearly dead. The rest are surviving. I water every other day and put shade over them at noon until six in the evening. Things are improving. They might survive. I resisted watering them because directions tell you differently.…

Posted 1 month ago by Brennan to Compressa

I bought a new one. It’s 3’ tall. Within one week of planting it is dying. I have one area that is remaining green for now. What can I do to help it?

Posted 1 month ago by Jose Andres Martinez to Tolleson's Weeping Blue

Hello Mary, Today I found a few Tolleson Blue Weeping Junipers at H & H nursery in Lakewood CA. They are available at Monrovia. I have a picture I could send to you.

Posted 1 month ago by David Olszyk to Monkinn

Hi John, the only reasonable explanation is that our friends at Monrovia didn't do sufficient pre-release evaluation of this cultivar before its release. 'Feelin' Sunny' has definitely proven to be an upright tree form.

Posted 1 month ago by Richard Dee to Tanima no yuki

I'm with the RHS, we've now updated the cultivar name to the correct spelling. This will show up on the RHS Find a Plant online when updated. (written 06Jul22)

Posted 1 month ago by Carl Hartman to Pendula

I have a beautifully trained ‘pendula’ that has been in the ground about 12 years. It’s about 9 feet tall. What are the chances that this can be successfully transplanted? I’m presuming early spring is the best time? Any tips?? Thanks in advance! Carl

Posted 1 month ago by Nancy to Little Gem

If you have brown dead patches in the center working it’s way outward, what can you do? Not sure if it’s from the summer sun. Just planted in April. Gets morning shade and afternoon southwest sun.

Posted 1 month ago by Chuck Caldwell to Karl Fuchs

I have two of these trees, planted a little over one year ago. One looks normal with appropriate spring growth, but one looks really weird, with what looks like abnormal growth. The new growth is "clumpy" and has made the top of the tree look like a bushy clump instead of a more spiked…

Posted 1 month ago by Alec S to Fitzroya

Dear Staffan, While these seeds are rare and scarce, i recommend you to take a look at this chilean vendor ( They have Fitzroya seeds in their listed items. You may be able to buy some from them. Best regards, Alec S.

Posted 1 month ago by John Wysong to Monkinn

I have three Feelin Blue cedars (Monrovia) that are about 4' x 8' at 8 years. I have three Feelin Sunny cedars (Monrovia) that have a strong upright leader and growth rate of about 1' per year and are 4' tall after just two years. Any explanation?