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Posted 16 days ago by Jeff Harvey to 2023 Collectors' Conifer of the Year Orders - Shipping Soon!

Sorry, the deadline for ordering from the ACS has passed.

Posted 16 days ago by Eric to massoniana

What is the closest American relative of Chinese red pine ?

Posted 18 days ago by Frances Swanson to Picea

Can a picea be cloud pruned?

Posted 20 days ago by Mikayla to fabri

About how many years does this specific tree species live(the Abies Faber)?

Posted 21 days ago by Robert Gruetzmacher to 2023 Collectors' Conifer of the Year Orders - Shipping Soon!

Are these still available?

Posted 22 days ago by Joan Ledford to Winter/Spring 2023 Conifer Quarterly is online

Hi, I am a fairly new member of the Society. Would it be possible for me to purchase a printed copy of the Winter/Spring 2023 Conifer Quarterly. And would I be pushing my luck to ask for a couple of previous issues as there are so many pretty pictures in them. I am printing out too many pictures…

Posted 23 days ago by Jackie West to Monkinn

We had a super cold snap in east tn this year( zone 7) down to 4 degrees Feeling Sunny cedar took a ton of damage. Does anyone else have one in zone did it do?

Posted 25 days ago by Robert Tyree to Black Dragon

Just purchased my black dragon. It is approx 3.5-4.0 feet. It has a long limb ( about 2.5 ft off to one side and few more shorter limbs. If I stand my tree with long limb straight up will the rest grow outward and upward? Next, I have no idea how to plant this tree. I’m in zone 8 to 10 I think.…

Posted 25 days ago by Tim Millan to Araucaria

Hello. I would like a little clarification regarding your entry for Araucaria angustifolia. Most information I have read indicates the temperature tolerance of this tree to be USDA zone 9. Your article seems to reinforce this guideline, however, elsewhere in the article it is noted that tree…

Posted 26 days ago by Mats Hagstrom to obtusa

Hello there, I too am looking for a source of the species tree. It seems no one is selling them. The local botanical garden has a large one which I believe is not a variant. Perhaps the world will forgive me if I borrow an inconspicuous cutting and start from scratch. Alternative would be to…

Posted 27 days ago by Russell Roth to x shastensis

Worked Reforestation/TSI on the Butte Falls district forty years ago. Planted and climbed lots of conifers for cone collection. Shasta Firs stir up some fine memories. Thanks much. Russ

Posted 27 days ago by Michelle S to decurrens

I'm trying to find out about Cedars found in NW California (coastal Humboldt). Do you know if this cedar is used for weaving baskets ? How does it compare to Red Cedar or Yellow Cedar commonly found in the Pacific Northwest? Learned that a friend had a "Cedar" come down in recent storm and…

Posted 1 month ago by Scott Rose to Firefly

Can anyone having experience with Pinus 'Golden Ghost' let me know if it's oldest needles retain their golden variegation? Any comments good or bad about this Cv would be appreciated! Thanks

Posted 1 month ago by Lloyd Wallace to Yellow Ribbon

Can anyone help me with pruning advice?

Posted 1 month ago by Mischelle G to Kiyomi

I have a procumbens nana that I am styling as an upright. I lost my apex, oops broke it off last year. Was hoping new growth would start at that spot but did not Yesterday I tried to graft a new cutting to create a new apex. Wrapped with raffia. Think this will work???

Posted 1 month ago by Philipp Wickey to brevifolia

Hello, I just found your site, and am wondering if you can help me with distinguishing Taxus brevifolia from Taxaus baccata. More specifically, I am wondering if there are any key characteristics that make telling the species apart easier. Thank you for any help

Posted 1 month ago by Ben B to Oregon Green

Will this tree do well on a hillside? My backyard goes uphill and I am trying to reduce the amount of mowing I have to do on the hillside, and also provide a barrier to the neighbors behind us. Bonus points if this tree sheds a lot of needles so it will create a natural pine needle bed. Thanks!

Posted 1 month ago by David Mark to occidentalis

It has been known as a memorial tree in family funeral plots, especially within its range, since they tend to outlive virtually every other tree within their range.

Posted 1 month ago by Myndee Ryan to Ellwoodii

I was just given an Ellwoodii that someone received for Christmas. It isn't in the best condition. Thought maybe some fertilizer might help. It's been in her south window so it's getting plenty of sunshine and she has been watering it but something is not right. It's a little brittle so I'm really…

Posted 1 month ago by Greg Kallio to Mickelson

Does anyone know the origin of the cultivar name "Mickelson"? I grew up in Portland, OR in the 1950-60s and our family's property used to be owned by a large nursery run by a family named Mickelson. There were all sorts of interesting non-native trees growing in our neighborhood, left over from…

Posted 1 month ago by Victoria Ducheneaux to Kenwith

Is brevifolia a subspecies of libani? Iseli lists this as Cedrus libani subsp brevifolia 'Kenwith'.

Posted 1 month ago by The Creek to banksiana

Probably planted by someone. I am in Ohio and was looking to plant one on my property here.

Posted 1 month ago by Laura Jull to Vanderwolf's Pyramid

The 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid' at the UW-Madison Arboretum has lots of foliar disease. It looks bad. Not disease resistant. It likes the drier, less humid, summers.

Posted 1 month ago by Laura Jull to sieboldii

Has anyone tried growing this in hardiness zones 4 or 5. Information on-line lists this species hardy to only zone 6a, not 5 as noted above.

Posted 1 month ago by Chris Gray to krempfii

Hi Scott. I am a landscape designer in Houston, Texas. A friend has asked me to design the ornamental gardens for her coffee shop which she plans to build on a raw piece of orange hillside amidst the poly-houses of northern Da Lat. I want to include some plants of local interest throughout the…

Posted 1 month ago by Andrea Urda-Thompson to February zoom meetings start this Saturday Feb 4th 2PM (EST), 1PM (CST)

Please send me the link for the talk.

Posted 1 month ago by Scottie Hart to macnabiana

Las Pilitas comments that McNab throws an enormous amount of resin. Anyone have any experience to compare?

Posted 1 month ago by Denise Acquista to Hoopsii

What is the best blue spruce cultivar for 6b Tennessee?

Posted 1 month ago by Tim Millan to angustifolia

This very article contradicts itself on hardiness- citing a Zone 9 limit and also stating tolerance down to -4f. I would think you might be successful only if you are on the immediate coast of NJ. Just remember that this tree gets far too large to protect if the need arises in the future

Posted 1 month ago by Tim Millan to angustifolia

There are two mailorder nurseries here in the Seattle area where I have seen this plant for sale - Wanderlust Nursery in West Seattle, and Keeping It Green Nursery in Warm Beach ( north of Seattle near Stanwood). I purchased a small plant from KIG nursery 5/6 years ago, it is about 8ft tall now and…