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Posted 2 days ago by Marianna Quartararo to Golden Mop

I have a question about pruning this shrub. The tag stated mature height of 4'-5'. Mine is easily 10'+ (about 13yrs old) Obviously I planted this in the wrong location based on that information. How hard can I prune this shrub to bring it into a more manageable size for its location Thank you for…

Posted 6 days ago by Madi Hackleman to parviflora

hello I am a 7th grader doing a science project about plants and I was wondering how a Japanese White Pine reproduces.

Posted 6 days ago by Susan to Pendula

I recently purchased a 5-6’ PGP, decent specimen (IMO) from Iseli, but the only “negative” is it has 2 leaders that form a V. Questions: 1) Should I remove one of the legs of the V so that there will be just one leader? Unfortunately both legs are angled outward, neither being straight up like…

Posted 10 days ago by Lana Schaffer to Monshel

Are you selling this Tiny Tower trees?

Posted 10 days ago by Thomas Neel to coulteri

The Jonsteen tree company sells coulter pine seedlings.

Posted 10 days ago by Thomas Neel to jeffreyi

They are definitely much more hardy than zone 8, I also live in Zone 6b in eastern Washington, and these trees have no problems, despite winter temps that regularly go below the cold limit of 10-20 degrees. They are growing at a similar rate to the native ponderosas here as well.

Posted 11 days ago by Walter Garasic to Blue Ice

How much do you charge for the Arizona Cypress Trees? I am looking for this cypress in one gallon pots.

Posted 14 days ago by Reyd to Ellwoodii

You can bury the pots in the ground. But if the ground is not frozen yet, you can plant, it does not matter if the 1st freeze is tomorrow, planting asap is almost always the best choice. Otherwise you can overwinter inside an unheated shed or garage.

Posted 17 days ago by Ludivina Villasana to Acrocona

I want to plant one of this acrocona conifers at my front yard. Question: Will the branches grow back again if I cut them? Some times I like to make floral arrangements for my house and I would like to use some branches for that. But I know that there are conifers that won't grow back their…

Posted 17 days ago by Magnus Heckel to moorei

Does anybody know where i can find a reliable seller of these seeds?

Posted 17 days ago by SpringTexan to Gold Cone

Just got one and love the beautiful form, but disappointed that so far mine is NOT GOLD but green, which belies the "retains its golden color throughout the year". The photo accompanying the article also shows a not-gold tree, I notice!

Posted 18 days ago by James to Taylor

Good to hear they took yours back. I’m getting conflicting answers on the color difference. Some say that the greener ones I bought were from Oregon and once they’ve established themselves in the Midwest they’ll turn a bluish color. Others say the color change is due to them being of different…

Posted 20 days ago by Peter Dwillies to Metasequoia

We live in zone the middle of the eastern side of wet Vancouver Island. We have (2) 8 yr old Metasequoias 1 in the front yard and 1 in the back yard. The front Meta has approx an 8in base trunk dia. in average soil. The back Meta has about a 10in base dia. in what may have been an older…

Posted 20 days ago by Bela Ord to sutchuenensis

very interesting. This tree is beautiful. It is very hard to find photos of it online. I hope it doesnt go extinct, as Id like to see it one day

Posted 20 days ago by Cris to Taylor

I had planted mine and the nursery did not want to take them back. I ended up digging them out and taking them back anyway in their containers. When asked why I had planted them, that I had trusted the nursery, their tags, and my horticulturist. Once I saw the new ones in/next to the ones…

Posted 21 days ago by James to Taylor

Hi Chris. I just had the exact experience. Were you able to find anything out?

Posted 22 days ago by William Peterson to Glauca

'J.c. Pfitzerana Glauca 'How deep do the fine hair like surface roots of this juniper travel? I am finding them at 12"deep.We hope to add 8 Azaleas under the juniper. Previously the juniper choked out two rose bushes, with a cluster six inches thick, of matted hair like roots. We don't need to go…

Posted 22 days ago by Mary Capek to Ellwoodii

I recently was gifted 6 of these beautiful trees. Left at my home by a stranger. They are in small grow pots and are about 24” tall. I am in the northeast and the morning temps are approaching freezing. I googled for info and it says March is ideal For planting. Can they be left in pots to over…

Posted 23 days ago by Freyda Black to mariana

It is best for the sake of both the species survival (through preserving genetic variability) and for wildlife to grow the species rather than cultivars.

Posted 28 days ago by Julia to Wissel's Saguaro

Still about 15 feet and 4 feet wide.

Posted 28 days ago by Yinka to Cedrus

Can Cedar grow in Africa

Posted 29 days ago by Jose Andres Martinez to Blue Ice

Aesthetic Pruning Association, I will look them up. Thanks for the information.

Posted 29 days ago by Fredrik to Wissel's Saguaro

How tall is it now? And how wide?

Posted 1 month ago by Lisa to Metasequoia

I have one beautiful specimen on my property, I planted another down the driveway and I am growing 2 more. I grow from seeds and from seedlings that often spring up under the tree. fall I gather the nuts and throw them down into the forest that surrounds my property in the hopes more will grow.…

Posted 1 month ago by Daniel Spear to Blue Ice

I had mine trimmed a year before moving from So Cal. by Grant Forrester with the Aesthetic Pruning Association. Members of the APA are taught to prune and enhance the plant so it looks 100% natural. Grant was able to dramatically reduce the width (as they were encroaching on a walkway) and reduce…

Posted 1 month ago by Jimmie Womble to Metasequoia

I plan on starting some of these in a shallow dish. Keep them pruned and stunted, with a few plastic dinosaurs at the base of them. Cretaceous bonsai.

Posted 1 month ago by Jennifer to 2023 ACS Photo Calendar

Yes! It will come in an unmarked package.

Posted 1 month ago by Rebecca to strobus

One of our white pines looks alarming after a sudden dip in temperature, zone 6a. Kept all our trees well watered during our summer drought. The bottom branch segment looks dried out and or frozen. Now it’s moving upwards in the tree. Have a picture I’d like to send.

Posted 1 month ago by Fiona Proctor to Metasequoia

Hi Lisa, I’m in Niagara on the southern side of L. Ontario. We planted 2 this past summer in our ravine yard. 10’ tall when planted. Can’t wait for them to fill in as a backdrop to our 4 tulip trees. These were all planted to replace scrub and diseased ash and to provide a sound barrier to a…

Posted 1 month ago by Bridget to Albospica

I planted a TINY White Tip Cedar - Cedrus deodara Albospica 2 years ago. It is still alive and still TINY... my question is regarding it's shape and not it's size. All of the limbs appear to droop with no obvious top point. should I stake one branch upright to form a top or will it eventually…