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Posted 2 hours ago by David Olszyk to Firefly

see the first paragraph above: "This conifer can be a conundrum with respect to initial siting in the garden. If planted in too much shade, 'Firefly' will be mostly green. When exposed to hot afternoon sun before setting deep roots, the golden foliage will burn, particularly on the upper branch…

Posted 2 hours ago by David Olszyk to Wissel's Saguaro

never fertilize a tree unless a soil test says that there is a deficiency. If you're going to grow it in a pot for a while, then Osmocote (slow-release pellets), once a year, fairly early in the spring.

Posted 9 hours ago by Lori Kimble to Firefly

How do you care for the "Firefly" I've researched the web and cannot find any care instructions. This is the third season for mine and it still looks burnt on the outside branches, but the inside is a lush deep green. Does it need to be fertilized? I seen on one website they were suggesting to…

Posted 21 hours ago by Irene Herman to Wissel's Saguaro

what fertilizer does it need and when.

Posted 2 days ago by Bill to canadensis

Hi, I live in NH and am landscaping around some natural large stones. I have two Canadian hemlocks ( 7' tall/3" trunks) growing within 4 inches of each other. One of them is forked about 6" from the ground. Which hemlock should I remove....or just half of one of them? Thanks for any advice, Bill

Posted 3 days ago by Kela to baccata


Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to Whipcord

sure ... Just make sure you use a potting medium that's appropriate for woody plants.

Posted 4 days ago by Odessa Caton to Whipcord

Can I grow my whipchord in a pot?

Posted 5 days ago by bobpark to orientalis

I have 5 different cultivars of this species in my garden. They all came from Conifer Kingdom in Silverton OR.

Posted 6 days ago by David Olszyk to Silver Mist

hard to say. I have one in my garden that's virtually identical to the examples in the gallery.

Posted 6 days ago by Sara Malone to Silver Mist

Wow mine have never looked like that. Wonder if mine are mislabeled? Or if it is just that they are in a hotter environment.

Posted 6 days ago by Barb to Blue Pacific

This species is so much prettier than other juniper for groundcover due to not being so woody. We have it on a hillside here, zone 9, and has spread really well over a 3 year perod, growing as much as 12 inches a year. It lays low maybe 6 " - 8" tall to the ground and is very plush.

Posted 6 days ago by Shon Lenzo to Papoose

Thanks, That is very helpful ! Could we continue this conversation by email ? The area I am considering is coastal

Posted 6 days ago by David Olszyk to Tom Thumb Gold

your description suggests that the plants were dead before you even planted them. Is it possible that they were planted too deep (buried and smothered root crown?) ... That'll take out a miniature conifer pretty quick.

Posted 6 days ago by Rick Deihl to Tom Thumb Gold

I've had 3 Tom Thumb Golds, 1 on a short standard and 2 purchased on the west coast (Seattle area) but none has survived more than a month or so. They don't burn, they just slowly turn brown and die. Planted in different sun conditions; 1 in full morning sun and two in fairly shaded areas(morning…

Posted 6 days ago by David Olszyk to orientalis

It depends on your garden center. Virtually any plant is available somewhere and it's most often a question of special ordering the plants that are out of favor in the market.

Posted 6 days ago by David Olszyk to Skylands

that would depend on the timeline of your installation. Trees are anything but static. They grow at a predictable and constant rate for decades, if not centuries. If you're planning for what a landscape will look in 100 years, it's going to look really sparse for the first 35-50 years. If you're…

Posted 6 days ago by Sieglinde Anderson to orientalis

why is the species so rarely - if at all - available? Even Iselli doesn't list it. Saw one in Bob Steloh's garden in Hendersonville, NC and have been lusting for it ever since but have never found it. Any East Coast sources?

Posted 6 days ago by Sieglinde Anderson to Skylands

I planted Skylands in my own garden 10 years ago. It was probably 3 or 4 feet high then. It is now 13 feet high but much wider than 5 ft. at the base, the skirt is about 8 feet wide. It is in part shade, receiving sun only from 10 AM to 2 PM and again in the late afternoon at the top only. I have a…

Posted 7 days ago by Website Editor to Black Dragon

I have two in 9b in Sonoma County CA and they are doing very well, despite my dry summer air. They are native to Japan, which is humid in summer, so I am mindful of keeping them well-mulched and with reasonable irrigation. I doubt that their roots will disturb your plumbing. However, I think that…

Posted 7 days ago by Website Editor to Monmal

I'm in 9b, so a bit warmer than you, but in a Mediterranean climate in CA. Mine burn in frost here - the tips turn mauvey-pink and break off. It's not too unsightly but I fear that if we have a very cold winter they will get hit. Their winter hardiness is 25-30 degrees.

Posted 8 days ago by David Olszyk to Monmal

your problem could very well have been too hot and too dry ... this is a plant for semi-tropical climates.

Posted 8 days ago by David Olszyk to canadensis

Depending on where you live, Hemlock wooly adelgid is going to be your biggest menace. Maybe go with one of the Japanese hemlocks just to be safe?

Posted 8 days ago by David Olszyk to Whipcord

this species has evolved to thrive in a modified Mediterranean climate. It'll do fine in central Texas if humidity is fairly low and Summer night time temperatures drop into the 50s or 60s at night. It'll also need quite a bit of supplemental water.

Posted 8 days ago by Edward Curran to Whipcord

Does anybody know if this plant can handle living in Austin, TX, zone 8b?

Posted 8 days ago by Lindsey to canadensis

Hi there! I am interested in purchasing eastern hemlock as shade trees for my yard. Do you think that if the tree is treated for fungus and pests like aphids it can be grown in the yard? Is there any way to protect the trees in a yard setting? I've heard that they're quite prone to blight and…

Posted 8 days ago by Lakegal to Monmal

It did not survive my zone 9a in Ft Bend Co, TX and I tried twice, the winters were average mild, nothing unusually cold.

Posted 9 days ago by David Olszyk to Piccolo

Hi Mindy ... that's definitely sun-scorch. Did you plant in spring? If so, they didn't have enough time to get established before summer kicked in. You claim to have watered every other day? Is that enough or not enough? Was the soil dry 2" below the soil's surface? Firs need well-drained soil.…

Posted 9 days ago by Mindy Schultz to Piccolo

Please help! I bought two Piccolo balsam firs and the needles are turning brown on the top sides. I’m in RI. They get sun for about 8-10 hours/day and water at the base of the plant every other day. Thank you for your help Mindy Schultz

Posted 10 days ago by David Olszyk to Whipcord

Hi Glenda. Since you didn't mention where you live, it's hard to be certain. For me in western Washington state, the second week of October is the best to to plant and transplant conifers. We need daytime temps in the 60s and night time temps in the 30s or 40s.