Thuja occidentalis 'Aureaspicata' / Eastern White Cedar

Thuja occidentalis 'Aureospicata'
?= T. occidentalis 'Elegantissima' (q.v.)
= T. occidentalis 'Semperaurea'
= T. occidentalis 'Semperaurescens'
= T. occidentalis 'Spicata Aurea'
= T. occidentalis 'Aurea Spicata'
= T. plicata 'Aurea' (in part)
= T. plicata 'Semper-aurea'
= T. plicata 'Semperaurescens'

Origin unknown. Possibly in California commerce ~1887 (as Thuja aurea--a namealso used for T. orientalis f. aurea and T. plicata 'Aurea' and T. plicata 'Zebrina'). Still in commerce, largely in Canada. Pyramidal, dense, narrow, vigorous. Foliage thick, luxurious (as T.plicata), shiny green, golden-yellow tipped, yellowish-brown in winter. In age the tree loses much of its yellow, and all of it except on the sunniest side. Records: 75 1/2' x 6'0" Westonbirt, Gloucestershire, England (1981); 72' x 9'3" Whittingehame, East Lothian, Scotland (1987); 55' x 6'7" x 20' Burlington, WA (1992).

Thuja occidentalis 'Aureospicata' Photographed at The Gotelli Collection of The US National Arboretum during the first week of May, 2006; Washington, D.C.
Photo by Dax Herbst