Taxodium distichum × mucronatum 'Nanjing Beauty' / Nanjing Beauty Hybrid Cypress

Taxodium distichum x mucronatum 'Nanjing Beauty' is an inter-specific hybrid created between Taxodium distichum and Taxodium mucronatum. It was hybridized in 1980 by Dr. Chen Yong Hui. In 1987, a committee of forestry specialists chose this plant out of thousands for use as a new street tree, and for reforestation in China.

'Nanjing Beauty" is noted for its rapid growth rate, ease of rooting, high alkalinity resistance, good fall foliage retention and absence of knees. It is now being mass planted in southeastern China along streets, roads, railroad tracks and canals. Hybrid seedlings were first brought to the U. S. in 2001. The plant was originally named, Taxodium ‘Zhongshansa’, but with the permission of the Nanjing Botanical Garden is being sold under the name 'Nanjing Beauty" when brought to the U.S. market.

Attribution from: Missouri Botanical Garden website

Taxodium distichum × mucronatum 'Nanjing Beauty' on the campus of Stephen Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX
Photo by Stephen F. Austin University