Pennsylvania: Tanger Arboretum

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230 North President Avenue , Lancaster, PA 17603

The Tanger Arboretum was built on the grounds of the Wilson Memorial building home to Lancaster history. org. beginning in 1956. The founder Louise Arnold Tanger worked on the garden until her death in 1959 at which time her son Charles continued the work until he died in 1991. The board then established a friends group to maintain the garden. A master landscaping plan was designed, tree labels were added, and a map developed for self-guided tours.

In late 2015, an American Conifer Society (ACS) Reference Garden was added to the Tanger Arboretum. This reference garden, also referred to as the Dwarf Conifer Garden, contains 150 species of dwarf and miniature conifers and the collection continues to grow.

The Tanger Arboretum is open from dawn to dusk to the public. There is no admission fee. Maps of the Arboretum and the Dwarf Conifer Reference Garden are available at Visitor Services at Lancaster History, Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5pm.