List of ACS Reference Gardens

Since 2008, the American Conifer Society has been partnering with public gardens throughout the United States to recognize noteworthy conifer collections through a special designation, ACS Reference Gardens. These gardens provide wonderful opportunities to educate the public about growing conifers, using conifers in a home landscape and building enthusiasm about conifers and the American Conifer Society. To receive this Reference Garden designation, a garden must meet several criteria, including the number of conifers in their collection, accurate labeling of the conifers and appropriate maintenance of the conifer collection.

CaliforniaWestern Region

ColoradoWestern Region

FloridaSoutheast Region

GeorgiaSoutheast Region

IowaCentral Region

KansasCentral Region

KentuckySoutheast Region

MassachusettsNortheast Region

MichiganCentral Region

MissouriCentral Region

New JerseyNortheast Region

New YorkNortheast Region

North CarolinaSoutheast Region

OhioCentral Region

OregonWestern Region

PennsylvaniaNortheast Region

South CarolinaSoutheast Region

TennesseeSoutheast Region

UtahWestern Region

VirginiaSoutheast Region

WashingtonWestern Region

WisconsinCentral Region