Wisconsin: Green Bay Botanical Garden

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2600 Larsen Rd , Green Bay, WI 54303

The Conifer Garden at Green Bay Botanical Garden
The Arendt Conifer Garden at Green Bay Botanical Garden

Green Bay Botanical Garden is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The garden’s Arendt Conifer Garden features more than 325 dwarf conifers representing 275 taxa. Over 3,250 complementary colored foliage and flowering perennials and shrubs accent the conifers. Limestone boulders were brought in from local quarries to develop the terraced garden. The garden highlights the use of unique forms of conifers and how they can be incorporated into the visitors’ home gardens. The Conifer garden was designed in 2012 by ACS member Greg Meissner, and most of the initial conifer collection was supplied by ACS member Gene Arendt. The entire grounds include 925 conifers of 430 taxa. Green Bay Botanic Garden was designated as an ACS Reference Garden in 2015. For more information, visit www.gbbg.org.