Pinus × schwerinii 'Prairie Giant' / 'Prairie Giant'

This cultivar is fully hardy in zone 4 having been proven so by The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum located in the city of Chaska. It's a very strong, extremely quick grower with typical wallichiana-characteristics, having long and soft to the touch, needles (Dax Herbst).This selection is considered a hyrid between P. strobus and P. wallichiana.

Pinus x schwerinni 'Prairie Giant' Donated by Ernie Wiegland of Illinois.
Photo by Ernie Wiegand


Wayne Johnson

Do you know of any nursery where I could obtain this pine. I had about a 7' specimen and it was fully hardy in Alexandria, MN. I had to move it and unfortunately it did not survive the transplant. Brotzsman Nursery was kind enough to supply me two specimens from plants obtained from the Morton Arboretum, both died, one in a year ago, one this year. They did not prove hardy in MN. My original was obtained from a nursery that had obtained seeds from one of those at the MN Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen, MN. That nursery is no longer in existence or isn't supplying them on-line and I can't remember its name. Any source you might have would be greatly appreciated. My wife is really unhappy about our loosing the original tree. Wayne Johnson, 108 N. Lake St., Alexandria, MN. 320-763-3794 or [email protected]

Thanks, Wayne

Maxwell Cohn

Hi Wayne, since your fully hardy plant was a seedling of 'Prairie Giant', it definitely was not. Seedlings of cultivars have unique DNA and, as such, can't be designated with the cultivar name. Could be that your plant had extra strobus genetics. If you can't locate a specimen from which to get cutting material for asexual reproduction (in this case, grafting), you may be out of luck.