Pinus nigra 'Frank' / Frank's Austrian Pine

aka 'Richard'

[Buchholz Nursery website] A wonderful, vertical exclamation point for the small garden.
Pinus nigra 'Frank' is a slow-growing, tight, narrow fastigiate selection of Austrian Pine. Needles are smaller than the species, a nice dark, rich green and very prickly. Branching is straight upward and held tight against the plant. Buds are striking white, particularly in the fall and winter, typical of the species.

'Frank' was found and introduced by Mitsch Nursery, Aurora, Oregon in the mid 1980s. In order to maintain the wonderful tight growth, it's best to perform light candle pruning in the spring and if it's to be planted in climates with plentiful snow, it's best to wrap the plant every fall to keep in from falling open during snow or ice events.

Pinus nigra 'Frank' at the ACS Reference Garden, Oregon Garden, Silverton, OR 1913.
Photo by David Olszyk