Pinus mugo 'Xenie' / Xenie mugo pine

Listed as Pinus mugo 'Xenie' SS #24 WB in American trade at times, Robert L. Fincham further says: "The correct name is Pinus uncinata 'Xenie'. The rest of the name indicates it was the 24th witches broom of a series collected in the San Sebastian region of northern Bohemia. Milan Halada discovered a marshy area with many specimens of Pinus x pseudopumilio, a hybrid of Pinus mugo and Pinus uncinata. He collected wood from a witch's broom known as San Sebastian #13, which he named Adam. Since then, he and a friend, Jan Beran, have returned many times and collected a variety of witch's brooms in this area. These are found throughout Europe and America as the San Sebastian Series." (November 2, 2006)

Furthermore, taxonomist M.P. Frankis cites in this link ( that the first recorded name for the nomenclature of P. uncinata is: Pinus mugo subsp. uncinata thus taking over precedence of any conifer currently being named as P. uncinata.

Pinus mugo ssp. uncinata 'Xenie' in a private garden in Kansas; photo from October 2006. The identity of this photo doesn't match description nor the photo posted at Stanley and Sons Nursery website (online).