Pinus heldreichii var. leucodermis / Bosnian Pine

Synonym for Pinus leucodermis. Go to this record in the ACS database for more information.
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Similar to Pinus heldreichi;
Var. leucodermis differs in being taller (to 30 m) with bark smooth and pale green-gray, later breaking into small plates. Young twigs are glaucous, white to grey-pink for three years, turning brown. Foliage is dark green. First-year seed cones are dark purple or cobalt Blue.

Pinus leucodermis
= P. heldreichii var. leucodermis (Ant.) Markgraf 'ex' Fitsch.
= P. heldreichii ssp. leucodermis (Ant.) E. Murr

From mountains in Yugoslavia, N Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovinia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, and S Italy. 'rare in US until 1976'; now commonly cultivated. Confused with P. heldreichii. A dark, bolt upright medium-sized tree. Young trunks and the branches retain smooth light gray bark (leucodermis means white skin, from Greek "leukos" and "derma") for a long time; the shoots upon losing their needles are similar to snakeskin due to closely spaced leaf cushions. Needles 2 per bundle, 2 3/8"-3 1/2" (4 1/2") long. Needles at the tips of the shoots in brush-like tufts. Cones 2"-4" long, dark purple-red when young. Records: 100' x 18'8" in the wild; 85' x 7'0" Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England (1986); 65 1/2' x 8'3" Tyninghame, East Lothian, Scotland (1984); 45' x 3' 1 1/2" Seatlle, WA (1994; planted 1949).

Very old specimen of Pinus heldreichii var. leucodermis A picturesque specimen of var. leucodermis in Pollino National Park, Italy.
Photo by
Pinus heldreichii var. leucodermis Courtesy of Sandra McLean Cutler, author of "Dwarf & Unusual Conifers Coming of Age
Photo by Sandra McLean Cutler
Pinus heldreichii var. leucodermis (as labled) = Pinus leucodermis (Jacobson) Photo taken at The Watnong Collection of The US National Arboretum during May 2006; Washington, D.C.
Photo by Dax Herbst