Pinus edulis 'Fancy Nancy' / Fancy Nancy Piñon pine

Pinus edulis 'Fancy Nancy' is one of the few cultivars of 2-needled Piñon pine available anywhere. Needles are held in the species-typical 2-needled fascicles and are slightly shorter than would be expected of the species. Overall, the growth habit of the plant tends to be low and somewhat spreading, growing at an annual rate of around 1 inch (2.5 cm). After 10 years, a mature specimen will measure 8 inches (20 cm) tall and 12 inches (30 cm) wide.

Dennis Hermsen of Farley Iowa propagated and introduced this diminutive cultivar around 1990. It is a seedling of a witch's broom sourced from seed Dennis received from Jerry Morris. Dennis named the plant in honor of his wife, Nancy.

Pinus edulis 'Fancy Nancy' — the original seedling on display at the Hermsen Arboretum in Farley Iowa.
Photo by Tomáš Kubát
Pinus edulis 'Fancy Nancy' -- a young grafted plant at the Kubát garden in Czech Republic.
Photo by Tomáš Kubát
Pinus edulis 'Fancy Nancy' — a young specimen in the Oregon Garden conifer collection in Silverton.
Photo by David Olszyk