Picea schrenkiana 'Sinka' / Sinka Schrenk's spruce

Picea schrenkiana 'Sinka' is a recently-discovered cultivar of Schrenk's spruce. Preliminary findings indicate that it is extremely slow growing, less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) per year in the form of a globose bun. Of the few known cultivars of the species, this may prove to be the most diminutive found to date.

This cultivar originated as a witch's broom found in 2012 during a joint brooming expedition to Kazakhstan led by A. Malik of Czech Republic and Vladimir Epiktetov of Kazahkstan. At this time there are three versions of the cultivar name seen in the nursery trade. They are 'Sinko,' 'Sinco' and 'Sinka,' which is the name on the caption of the photo of the original broom. Time will tell which name will become prevalent.

Picea schrenkiana 'Sinka' at the Smits Pinetum, Volkel, The Netherlands.
Photo by Edwin Smits
Picea schrenkiana 'Sinka' — the original broom.
Photo by Vladimir Epiktetov
Picea schrenkiana 'Sinka' — closeup of the original broom.
Photo by Vladimir Epiktetov