Picea pungens 'Waldbrunn' / Waldbrunn Colorado spruce

Picea pungens 'Waldbrunn' is a flattened globose selection of Colorado spruce with symmetrical layered branching and long, blue-gray-green needles, a unique color shade for this species. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen grown from a rooted cutting will measure 10 inches (25 cm) tall and 12 inches (30 cm) wide, an annual growth rate of 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 - 3 cm). Grafted plants grow considerably faster and will form a terminal leader and eventually a pyramidal shape, contrary to the original intent of this selection.

This cultivar originated as a seedling selected in 1984 by Rolf Friedrich of Waldbrunn, Germany. This conifer is quickly becoming a staple of specialty nurseries for good reason. It is attractive, care free and offers a unique color contrast. It grows best in full sun and well-drained semi-arid climates.

Picea pungens 'Waldbrunn' — a nice mature specimen at the Flora Wonder Arboretum, Gaston, Oregon.
Photo by David Olszyk
Picea pungens 'Waldbrunn' — a closeup of foliage detail.
Photo by David Olszyk