Picea pungens 'Spring Ghost' / Spring Ghost Colorado Spruce

White or cream variegated needles on dwarf globe form.

4-14-08: In a conversation with Bob Fincham, owner of Coenosium Gardens, he said this cultivar is synonymous to Picea pungens 'Bailey's Variegated' making 'Bailey's Variegated' a snynonym strikethrough record for this Database.

'Spring Ghost' Nice sized specimen at Rich's Foxwillow Pines in Illinois. We spoted this tree from about 1/4 mile away. Had to go investigate. Wow!
Photo by Bill Barger
Picea pungens'Spring Ghost' Photo taken at Tom Schmid Nursery and Gardens, Jackson, MI.
Photo by Charlene Harris
'Spring Ghost' foliage Detail od foliage color. Color was beginning to fade toward blue.
Photo by Bill Barger