Picea glehnii 'Chitosemaru' / Chitosemaru Sakhalin spruce

Picea glehnii 'Chitosemaru' is a dwarf form of Sakhalin spruce and is a good choice for someone desiring the unique characteristics (i.e. rich, reddish brown bark, short silvery needles and resinous buds) of the species without the eventual size issues. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure around 4.5 feet (1.5 m) tall and 3 feet (1 m) wide, an annual growth rate of 4 to 6 inches (10 - 15 cm).

This cultivar was first listed in Japan in 1976, confirmed in a letter from Dr. Olaf Kruse to Humpfrey Welch in 1986. 'Chitosemaru' is often mistakenly listed under Picea jezoensis, but careful study of the bark, needles and buds easily resolve this confusion.

A closeup of the same tree at Glacier's End showing the nice brown branchlets, short blue-green needles and resinous buds.
Photo by David Olszyk
Picea glehnii 'Chitosemaru' at Glacier's End Arboretum, Olympia, WA. This plant was approximately 5 feet tall as an 8-year specimen in 2013.
Photo by David Olszyk