Picea glauca 'Shawna' / Shawna white spruce

Picea glauca 'Shawna' is a nice compact, cone-shaped wild-selected cultivar of white spruce. Needles are fairly typical for the species with a pleasing, bright-green color. Branching is quite dense, uniform and outwardly growing in all directions. Buds are prominent and rich brown in color. Annual expected growth is 2 to 4 inches per year producing a tight cone 3 ft. tall by 2 ft. wide after 10 years.

Bill Journeay discovered 'Shawna' along a major highway in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada and named it for his daughter. The original has been transplanted from the wild and is now established at Kingsbrae gardens in St Andrews, NB, Canada. It has been successfully propagated by rooted cuttings at a local nursery in New Brunswick, Canada.

Picea glauca 'Shawna' -- the original plant now at Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews, NB, Canada.
Photo by Bill Journeay
A grouping of Bill Journeay originals at Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews, NB, Canada. Pictured (l-r) are Picea glauca 'Shawna', Picea mariana 'Craig' and Picea rubens 'Shane' -- a study of slightly different forms and structures.
Photo by Bill Journeay