Picea glauca var. porsildii / Porsild spruce

The Porsild Spruce, (Picea glauca var. porsildii), also called the Alaska white spruce, is a Picea glauca variety native to Alaska and the Yukon.

In areas of sympatry Picea glauca and P . engelmannii regularly hybridize and intergrade completely (R.Daubenmire 1974; E.H. Garman 1957; K.W. Horton 1959; L.Roche 1969; T.M.C. Taylor 1959). This has greatly complicated the taxonomy of P . glauca , a dominant tree of interior forests of Canada and Alaska.

Picea glauca var. porsildii was described as differing from the type variety by having smooth bark with resin blisters, short angular cone scales, an unusually broad crown, and pubescent twigs.

Attribution from: Flora of North America

A river in Alaska bordered by a forest of Picea glauca var. porsildii
Photo by Dr. Linda B. Brubaker