Picea glauca var. densata / Black Hills spruce

Picea glauca var. densata (Black Hills white spruce), a variety discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

[Ken Church] This is a slow-growing form of white spruce. It is a dense form and is very hardy. It was discovered around 1933 in North Dakota.

Picea glauca var. densata -- this is a picture of a very old plant. The picture was taken during the Conifer Society tour of the Dawes Arboretum during a tour in 2004.
Photo by Ken Church
Picea glauca var. densata Green Industry Images Copyrighted Photograph; Permission Granted
Photo by Ernie Wiegand


Phin Tuthill

Picea glauca 'Densata' or Picea glauca var. densata ??? From the Missouri Botanical Gdn:
"It was originally called Picea glauca var. densata, but many experts now designate it as Picea glauca ‘Densata’ because its differences from the species are judged insufficient to justify classification as a botanical variety."
This is my understanding of the difference from the species:
Slower grower & more dense than the species with shorter cones & brighter green to blue-green needles.
Dirr considers it more ornamental.
With the constant name changes, who really knows what's correct and for how long!

Alistair McGovern-Bell

What is the maximum elevation for planting Black Hills Spruce ?
I live at 8500 ft in Colorado.