Picea asperata var. asperata / Dragon spruce

Picea asperata var. asperata, as described in 1906 by Maxwell Tylden Masters (1833–1907), in Journal of the Linnean Society, Botany, 37th edition, is commonly known as Dragon spruce; as well as 云杉 (yun shan) in the Chinese language. It is the type of this species. For a full description, please refer to the main species page.

Notable traits that have a bearing on differentiating it from other specific varieties of Dragon spruce include:

  • Branchlets are hairy, but sometime not; yellowish or reddish brown in color and not waxy.
  • Needles are neither waxy nor pointed.
  • Seed scale edges are smooth or minutely toothed.
Distribution. This variety is native throughout the entire range of the species.

Attribution from: James E. Eckenwalder; Conifers of the World: The Complete Reference; ©2009, Timber Press, Portland, OR.

Dragon spruce <Picea asperata var. asperata at Kew Gardens, London, UK.
Photo by Davis Landscape Architecture, inc.