Picea abies 'Rothenhausii' / Rothenhaus' Norway spruce

Picea abies 'Rothenhausii' is a strongly growing, upright weeping selection of Norway spruce with a dependably straight leader, heavy cloaked branches and attractive, dark-green foliage. After 10 years, a mature plant will measure 15 feet (5 m) tall and 4.5 feet (1.5 m) wide, an annual growth fate of 20 inches (50 cm).

This cultivar originated naturally in the wild. In 1938, Prince Hohenlohe-Langenburg found it growing in a forest on the grounds of Červený Hrádek Castle, Jezeří, Czech Republic (called Rothenhaus in German). At some point, the plant was relocated to the Průhonice Botanical Gardens near Prague. This account is questioned by some and variations exist. It can be argued that since Rothenhaus is the name of a place and not a person, the cultivar name, 'Rothenhausii' may not be correct, rather 'Rothenhausensis' may be more appropriate. In some publications, the plant is seen listed as simply, 'Rothenhaus' which may be an attempt at resolving this discrepancy.

Picea abies 'Rothenhausii' — a magnificent mature specimen.
Photo by Edwin Smits