Picea abies 'Reflexa' / reflexed Norway spruce

Picea abies 'Reflexa' is a robust, fast-growing selection of Norway spruce that generally grows without a central leader. Branches are exceptionally thick with large buds and dense, dark green needles. Unless staked, plant will ramble along the ground, forming a ground cover over time. Terminal buds extend at an annual rate of up to 12 inches (30 cm). Over time, depending on how they are trained, mature specimens will become quite large and imposing in the landscape.

'Reflexa' is a very old fixture in the international nursery trade, known to grow in large collections and arboretums since the late 1800s. It is of unknown origin. Élie-Abel Carrière formally described it botanical literature in Rev Hort 259 (1890).

Picea abies 'Reflexa' — a 35-year-old specimen trained with bamboo for height and is now weeping downward as it grows.
Photo by Dennis Groh
Picea abies 'Reflexa' detail of new cones. The red color on the male and female cones is striking for about two weeks in spring.
Photo by Dennis Groh
Picea abies 'Reflexa' — detail of mature seed cones. Image shows appearance of mature cones and the new growth on 'Reflexa.' Cones are about 6 inches long.
Photo by Dennis Groh