Picea abies 'Gold Dust' / Gold Dust Norway spruce

Picea abies 'Gold Dust' is a narrowly conical, upright, dwarf selection of Norway spruce with symmetrical branching and short, fine, gold-variegated needles. Toward the base, the needle-color is green while toward the tip they are soft gold in color. The overall effect is that of gold-dusting.

After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 5.5 feet (1.8 m) tall and 2 feet (60 cm) wide, an annual growth rate of 4 to 6 inches (10 - 15 cm).

This cultivar originated as a seedling selected in the early 1980s by Buchholz Nursery, Gaston, Oregon.

[Talon Buchholz, the originator made the following comments in his Flora Wonder Blog in January, 2012] This imp was found in an understock batch, and was thrown in the trash late one night when I was grafting. Obviously it wasn't going to make a good rootstock. The next morning I had a more benevolent view of the seedling and rescued it. 'Gold Dust' even earned some mild praise from Don Howse of Porterhowse Farms, a conifer geek who has seen them all."
Picea abies 'Gold Dust' — probably the oldest plant in existence at PorterHowse Farms, Sandy, Oregon.
Photo by Henk van Kempen
Picea abies 'Gold Dust' in the conifer collection at Oregon Garden, Silverton, OR, an ACS Reference Garden.
Photo by David Olszyk
Picea abies 'Gold Dust' — a closeup of foliage detail.
Photo by Buchholz Nursery, Inc.