Conifer Videos

Our Society’s mission is the development, conservation and propagation of conifers – with an emphasis on those that are dwarf or unusual -and educating the public about these fascinating trees. We hope these videos will inspire you to get involved with conifers – and The American Conifer Society!

We have posted our most popular videos here. If you want to view all of the ACS videos, including the presentations by many of our Reference Gardens, please visit the American Conifer Society YouTube Channel.

  • Rare and Endangered Conifers by Tom Cox

    Rare and Endangered Conifers by Tom Cox

  • Conifer Grafting with Ted Hildebrant

    Conifer Grafting with Ted Hildebrant

  • A Tour of the Cox Arboretum

    A Tour of the Cox Arboretum

    Take a tour of the Cox Arboretum, the home and lifes' work of Tom and Evelyn Cox in Canton, Georgia.

  • A Visit to Ed Rezek's Garden

    A Visit to Ed Rezek's Garden

    In the winter of 1995 Rich and Susie Eyre of Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery of Woodstock, IL, made a trip to Long Island to visit Ed Rezek who then took the couple to visit a couple of other notable conifer collectors' gardens, including that of Joe Reis, who had since passed away. Rich made this hour-long home video of their visit.

  • Welcome to the American Conifer Society

    Welcome to the American Conifer Society

    Former ACS President Larry Nau and Jerry Kral from Rochester, NY, welcome you to this channel of videos. Jerry gives you an overview of his suburban garden where he has over 300 different conifers growing.

  • Hinoki Cypress - <em>Chamaecyparis obtusa</em> 'Chirimen' & <em>Cham. obtusa</em> 'Nana'

    Hinoki Cypress - Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Chirimen' & Cham. obtusa 'Nana'

    Jerry shows off his prized Hinoki cypress cultivar, Chirimen, which he likens to a primitive cactus in appearance yet soft to the touch and a singular specimen in any garden.

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  • Chinese arborvitae — <em>Platycladus orientalis </em>'Morgan'

    Chinese arborvitae — Platycladus orientalis 'Morgan'

    Jerry shows off his two Morgan's Chinese arborvitae, a cultivar that ACS classifies as a "miniature," ideal for rock gardens and troughs. In the right location, over the growing season it transitions from lime green, to deep green to purple and then orange in winter.

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  • Japanese Red Pine - <em>Pinus densiflora</em> ' Burke's Red Variegated'

    Japanese Red Pine - Pinus densiflora ' Burke's Red Variegated'

    One of the better Japanese red pines, this is sometimes call Oculus Draconis' (or O.D' for Dragon's Eye) because of the creamy yellow band on the needles which, when clustered and viewed head on, resemble the eye of the beast.

  • Hinoki Cypress - <em>Chamaecyparis obtusa</em> 'Nana'

    Hinoki Cypress - Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana'

    In examining this classic dwarf Hinoki cypress Jerry discovers a reversion to it's original form and snips it off. A good lesson here.

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  • European Larch - <em>Larix decidua</em> 'Puli'

    European Larch - Larix decidua 'Puli'

    This European larch variety is a weeper that has been named after the Hungarian sheep dog of that name known for its long ropey coat that covers most of its body. Jerry got this specimen through the ACS Conifer of the Year program - another good reason to join.

  • Table Garden featuring true miniature conifers

    Table Garden featuring true miniature conifers

    If you don't have the space for a rock garden but have a patio, consider constructing a table garden on a platform with small rocks and miniature conifers.

  • Japanese Larch - <em>Larix kaempferi</em> 'Pendula'

    Japanese Larch - Larix kaempferi 'Pendula'

    This weeping Japanese larch can be trained to fit most spaces as Jerry shows by propping it up with a porch post and decorative bird house.

  • Japanese Cedar - <em>Cryptomeria japonica</em> 'Rasen'

    Japanese Cedar - Cryptomeria japonica 'Rasen'

    An irregular, twisting Japanese cedar ( Rasen' is Japanese for 'barber pole.' ) it can get to a good size if not pruned. And, as Jerry shows, if the female cones can't attract male pollen cones, well, they will just grow their own!

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  • <em>Abies koreana</em> 'Horstmann's Silberlocke' (Korean Fir)

    Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke' (Korean Fir)

    One of the more striking conifers in any garden is this Korean Fir with silver undersides that curl up to show their stuff. Developed in Germany where the name means silver lock, as in a a lock of hair.

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  • Jack Pine - <em>Pinus banksiana</em> ' Uncle Fogy'

    Jack Pine - Pinus banksiana ' Uncle Fogy'

    Commonly called a jack pine, this variety got its name from its spring bud tips which drool resin and reminded some conifer wag of on old fogy. A weeping, twisting tree that demands training, it can be made to grow into some unusual shapes. Jerry talks about how you can - and should - train irregular growers like Uncle Fogy.

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  • Japanese Umbrella Pine - <em>Sciadopitys verticillata</em> 'Golden Parasol'

    Japanese Umbrella Pine - Sciadopitys verticillata 'Golden Parasol'

    The Japanese Umbrella pine gets its name from the many narrow whorled leaves that resemble the ribs of an umbrella. Fossil records show it to be 230 million years old predating our common pines which explains why it's a unique conifer classified as its own family. Jerry's is a 'Golden Parasol' cultivar.

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  • Conifer Container Gardens

    Conifer Container Gardens

    Here's another take on using miniature conifers on the patio. Jerry has taken a decorative cement garden urn, made sure that the drainage hole is clear year round and created a small world with lava rock, pea stone and four different conifers.

  • Colorado Spruce - <em>Picea pungens</em> 'The Blues'

    Colorado Spruce - Picea pungens 'The Blues'

    A weeping Colorado Blue Spruce that can assume different forms, Jerry shows two specimens and how their growth tendencies have inspired him to take them in different directions.

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  • Doug Wilson at the Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR

    Doug Wilson at the Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR

    Just prior to the ACS 2011 National Meeting in Silverton, Garden Time, a syndicated TV show in the Pacific Northwest, visited The Oregon Garden and ACS's Doug Wilson showed them around.