Larix decidua 'Julian's Weeper' / Julian's Weeper European larch

Larix decidua 'Julian's Weeper' is a strong-growing strictly weeping selection of European larch that will form a low mound of branches unless its leaders are staked up. With diligent care it can be trained to become a spectacular cascade with branches weeping to the ground. It could even be trained to grow on a rounded arch over a walkway for an elegant effect. Mature dimensions are based entirely on staking, pruning and other maintenance. Terminal branches will extend 12 to 18 inches (30 - 45 cm) yearly presenting an idea of a specimen's potential impact on the landscape.

This cultivar originated as a seedling selected in 1982 by Yamina Rare Plants Nursery, Monbulk, Victoria, Australia.

Larix decidua 'Julian's Weeper' in the Harper Collection of Dwarf and Rare Conifers at Hidden Lake Gardens, Tipton, Michigan, August 2005.
Photo by Dax Herbst