Juniperus conferta / shore juniper

Juniperus rigida subsp. conferta, commonly known as shore juniper is a ground covering species of juniper, native to Japan, where it grows on sand dunes. It forms a wonderful cover and it has a fresh green color which is reminiscent of lawn. The foliage is really prickly, a characteristic of many junipers. Most are pretty tolerant with soils, but they don't like waterlogging. Many will take quite alkaline conditions too. It is also often grown as bonsai.

Conferta is derived from Latin. "Con" meaning together and "ferta" meaning strong.

Please refer to the main subspecies page for a complete description and more pictures.

Juniperus conferta Photographed at The Gotelli Collection of The US National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. during May 2006.
Photo by Dax Herbst